If you have a leaking roof, you should know that most roof repairers have no idea how to track down the cause of a roof leak AND come up with a smart solution to repair it. 

And the result is… roof repairs gone wrong – and the roof still leaks!

How do I know this?

Because I spent a decade being a clueless roofer. Even after spending years installing new roofs with the occasional challenge of repairing leaking roofs thrown in, I was not yet ‘complete’….

Funny how every roof repair guy I come across thinks they are ‘above average’. The truth is that we all start at incompetence and only a few of us progress to the highest skill level. Most remain at the middle ground of ‘average’.

My incompetence in repairing leaking roofs was exposed after trying to find out why roofs were leaking and a series of failures in trying to repair them. The mistakes I made were due to my ‘average’ skill level in the roof repairs segment of the roofing game.

And I see these same mistakes repeated by other ‘average’ roof repairers – as I go about solving those difficult problems with leaking roofs over the past 19 years.

The evolution to guaranteed repairs to leaking roofs

My workers initially were quite concerned when I first offered a “guarantee to fix the roof leak – or your money back” – . How can we guarantee something with so many variables? 

They were still a bit unsure of their level of skill in the game of locating the causes of roof leaks and coming up with smart solutions to fix them.

Today, my guys are comfortably locked into the mindset of a ‘guaranteed roof repair’.  Because together, we have ‘been in the trenches’ and have built up an arsenal of methods to finding the cause of that pesky roof leak. And to come up with solutions to fix it for good…

We had a leak with water running down our bedroom wall for quite a while but it was proving to be tricky to locate the source of the leak as it only happened now and then, when the rain and wind blew a certain way. After several attempts to locate the problem, we finally gave up trying and called Jack, who arrived promptly on the same day and fixed the problem within 30 minutes.

Bjorn 2014

The challenging world of fixing roof leaks

.. and how we got to being able to provide a 7 year warranty on all our leaking roof repairs (click HERE to find out how …)

The world runs on the 80/20 rule. And it applies to our roof repairs too.

For 80% of the leaking roof repair jobs that we tackle, we get it right first time.

The other 20%?

The other 20%  can take up to 80% of our time and effort. But we are in there for the long haul!

My guys have learnt over that the years that there will always be that roof leak that will stump us. We don’t have all the solutions yet. But it excites us when we see something we have not come across before.

… Because we will learn something new when we finally get that challenging roof leak fixed.

Redefining how roof repairs in Sydney should be done

And slowly, we will redefine how roof repairs should be carried out in Sydney.

What is the next step?

What you will find on this website are the ‘Insider Secrets’ that the other roof repairers out there have been hiding from you.

We all need ‘TRUTH TELLERS” in our lives…

George Raveling

But there is A LOT of information on this website!

So, as a guide…

Most people want to find out a bit more about us or they have a particular roof problem they want to do a bit of research on before they hit the “CONTACT” page…

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  3. I don’t know about you. But before I buy anything, I check out the reviews. So, if you are looking for someone good to fix that problem roof leak, the first thing is the check out their reviews. You will find our roof repair reviews at reviews on Sydney roofers
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  10. Roof valleys tend to be the cause of leaks and it helps to know a bit more about these elements.
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You may be just investigating the roof repairs world or you are looking beyond that to things like replacing your roof and its elements…

The purpose of this website is to help you make better decisions about your roof…. so GO EXPLORE.

Jack Yuen The Roofer
Looking forward to catching up…