Thinking of repairs to your roof leak ?

or maybe a roof restoration?

If your roof is leaking…

And you want that leaking roof fixed properly

…. then you have found the right place.

There is a big difference between a roof repair and a roof restoration.

Myth #1:  You need a roof restoration.

Lets be clear about this. If your roof is leaking, then you NEED the leaking roof to be repaired. … or the roof may even NEED to be replaced.

If there is no water leaking from the roof and you just want your roof looking nice – then you just WANT a roof restoration.

There is a misconception in the roofing marketplace that if there is something wrong with a roof – then it needs a roof restoration.

Roof restoration companies just clean and paint roofs. They are not very good at fixing roof leaks – or even contemplating repairing the leaking roof as a better solution . They just want to paint your roof to make it look good.

Waterproofing is only a secondary concern to roof restorers.

Check out my  perils of roof restoration page for more details.

If there is a water leakage problem with your roof – you really want a good repair for your leaking roof or a roof replacement.

Do you NEED your leaking roof repaired or do you just WANT it restored (AKA roof painting)?

Leaking roof repair sydney
leaking roof repair needed here

If this picture describes your situation, then you need repairs to the leaking roof pretty quickly. There are many reasons why you have water leaking through your roof.

The seven most common reasons are:

  1. Skylights: The majority of skylights will leak at some stage in their lives;
  2. Broken roof tiles: Roof tiles break for various reasons. You are reasonably lucky if this is your situation because a tile replacement is a simple task;
  3. Rusty Valleys: Most roofs have valleys and there are a lot of old rusty valleys on roofs in Sydney…
  4. Ridge capping: A major problem with tiles roofs is the lack of regular roof maintenance on the ridge capping. Cracking on the bedding supporting the ridge capping usually leads to leaks;
  5. Chimneys: The flashings around the base of the chimneys can deteriorate over time and cause water leaks. Disused chimneys that are not capped properly will let water penetrate inside the chimney;
  6. Roof flashings: Roof penetrations and the perimeter of all roofs need flashing to seal the roof correctly. Many roofs in Sydney suffer from poorly installed flashings;
  7. Rusty roofs: If your metal roof is covered with rust – then it’s ‘used by’ date has long passed and you need a roof replacement.
  8. Guttering:  Blocked gutters contribute to a large percentage of water seepage problems after heavy Sydney storms. Gutters are not supposed to be blocked – (I know.. I started with seven, but I could not help including this one because it is really a roof maintenance issue that i come across all too often…)

However, if all of the above does not interest you because you just want your roof looking nice…then you are after a roof restoration.

Roof restoration gone wrong
Roof restoration terracotta roof

I just hope that it does not end up like the roof restoration above


Myth #2:  All roofers doing leaking roof repairs in Sydney are the same.

If your roof is leaking, it is all about finding the some good roofers who you can trust to repair your roof leak properly.

There are many ways to find out if a roofer is any good before you hire him to fix your leaking roof.

  • Google is a good start (it used to be “pick up the phone book”). But whatever the search terms you choose (eg. roof repairs Sydney) , just the first page of results can have you freaking out about the choices out there. Most of the roofing companies pay to get on the first page by buying AD space. These are just pushing their services to you. Then there are 10 or so ‘organic’ listings (which Google has picked to be good enough) on the rest of the first page. The question is: “how do you know if they are any good at repairing your leaking roof just by visiting their website?”
  • Ring a friend. A good fall back plan. Because we have been around for a while, there are lots of our past clients in Sydney who refer their friends to us.  But what if none of your friends know of a good roofer in Sydney? And this is quite likely the case if you found us via Google and not via a friend…
  • Use a directory. There are lots of directories out there. But directories make their money from listing busineses and ads on their websites. Not by finding you a good roofer. I do not have a listing on the biggest paid directory out there – “Yellow Pages Online”. I do have a listing on True Local because it allows clients to leave roofing reviews on their website.
  • Use an online ‘service seeking’ facility: There are a few out there where you can leave your job details and many roofers will contact you, you can choose the best one and it will all be good…. Sounds too good to be true? It is. If you take the time to look closely at their business model, you will find that it is not their job to find you the right roofer….They stay in business by sending you any roofer who pays them their commission.

For example, I buy advertising space on The Home Improvement Pages. This business is currently going through a massive marketing campaign to promote their ‘get free roofing quotes’  service. They send me leads but if I subscribe to those leads, I have to pay a commission to this business for every lead.

Their business is to sell leads – not to ensure that they only have the best qualified roofers answer their leads.

I have used this service to try to find a ceiling repairer to replace a ceiling that one of my roofers accidentally put his foot through. I only got one response – and it was from another roofer who had completely mis-read the job request. On one else bothered to reply….

I do not subscribe to any of these services as a supplier – so, you will not find me answering any of these job requests.

  • Do what smart shoppers do.
    Roof repair contractor review
    Review of sydney roofer

    Savvy online shoppers use the convenience of the internet to do their research. Have you ever ordered an unknown item over the internet without any research?  Most people use ‘reviews’ in their search term to give them a better idea of the pros and cons of what they are in for. Dodgy providers do not last long in the online world where the end user has the ability to put in their two cents worth.

I don’t know about you, but when I am venturing into the unknown of the online world for my precious purchases, I gravitate to the last option.

The whole purpose of this website is to serve the people who like the “Do what smart shoppers do” option.

…And if you do this, you will begin to find out that NOT all Sydney roofers are the same!

    What to do next?

    If Roof restoration is what you are looking for, then check out my roof restoration /painting page first  to get a bit more information about what you are up for.

    Since I do not do any painting of roofs – I am pretty useless to you after that…

    If you have a roof leak, then you may want to check me out further…

    If you need roof repairs...


    Some of you may be sick of all the leaks that a tile roof has burdened you with… and you are looking to replace your tile roof with a colorbond roof.

    Then click on the image below to find out more and to make your decision easier…

    Colorbond roof replacement leaves on flat concrete tiles



    ….If you just want a brief summary of the leaking roofing repairs and roof replacements that we specialise in….

    GO to my Sydney Roof Repairs page to find out about the services that we provide.

     There is a ton of roofing information on this website and there is even a ROOFING REVIEW page.

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    There is a lot of information on my You Tube channel and I try to upload as many videos that help explain why roof leaks happen and the things that we can do about them.

    (You can spend a lot of time on these roofing videos – so I suggest that you do this last.)


    Then, if you finally decide that you want me to inspect your roof for leaks or you think that is time to replace your roof, my roof quotes are also FREE. (that is until you accept my quote …. see my full explanation on my FREE roofing repair and replacement quotes page)


    PS. My long time clients will notice that this is the Fourth revision of my Roofing repair website.

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    …And my time is getting very scarce because there is a long queue of clients waiting for their roofs to get repaired or replaced.

    Jack the Sydney roofer
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