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Who do you think offers the best roof repair services in Sydney?

…Would you fill out a form on Hipages to ‘hope for the BEST roofing contractor to turn up”?

…Would you ask a friend who has had their roof repairs done recently?

or maybe just contact the top listing under the search term “Sydney roof repairs” on Google?

None of the above are guaranteed to work.

Success in tracking down roof leaks and coming up with the best roof repair techniques, demands hard dogged work and a ‘data feedback loop’ that points you in the right direction.

You really need to do your research the roof repair industry in Sydney and how to find the experienced roofing professionals in Sydney.

You really have to find the rare roof repairers out here in Sydney, who can correctly diagnose the likely root cause of the problems with your roof leakage or roof fault.

And then deliver you guaranteed roof repair solutions – so that you never have to worry about that roof leak ever again!

In the last couple of decades, The Roofing Professionals Westside has evolved to become the ‘Ghost busters’ in the provision of Roof repair services to property owners in Sydney. 

We have trained ourselves to seek out the causes of the most difficult of roof leaks. Then to come up with the right solutions to solve the problems.


What does the future hold for the roof repair industry in Sydney in 2024?

Change is happening rapidly with how roof repairs are served up to Sydney Homeowners.

Jack The Roofer reveals his thoughts on Youtube…

Sydney Roof Repairs 2024
Roof repairs in Sydney is under rapid change – VIDEO
Repairs to leaking roof in Sydney
Typical roof leak in Sydney that demands the roof repair expertise of a trained professional



Rain coming through the ceiling crevice and down the walls bubbling the paint. Has been fixed recently but obviously not properly so I need someone who knows what they are doing. Thanks for your helpStu
The problem is that I we are getting water leakage in two of the top storey bedrooms and even as a water engineer myself, I am not able to find the cause of the leakageGan

The builder’s roofer apparently did the required repairs and removed the antenna but an insurance assessor had a look and said the repairs weren’t done properly – the valley isn’t in properly, some tiles are upside down, there are no weep holes, and some tiles are cracked. Really anxious about further leaks and damage and looking for someone who can assistKen
You can now have a personal CHAT with Jack
BUT you must be very specific in your questions – or else, Jack will take your general questions the wrong way , AND start hallucinating…
Chat with Jack the Roofer about Roof repairs in Sydney
Personal chat with Jack



Who runs The Roofing Professionals Westside?

The Roofing Professionals Westside is owned and operated by Jack Yuen from his home in Strathfield, Sydney.

Jack started in this roofing business in 1999 and has evolved his business to serve the roof maintenance and repair segment of the residential market (distinct from the roof restoration segment – which is just roof painting and far removed from actual roof repairs).

And his biggest challenge in 2020 was not COVID19. It was a case of too many job enquiries and not enough suitably trained roofers to do the work.

Read more about Jack the roofer’s story on the ABOUT US page.

Do you have any reviews?

A directory like Hipages have 5 star reviews on ‘The 10 BEST Roof Repair Specialists in Sydney’. The Roofing Professionals Westside has a page on Hipages

BUT we do not use this directory to showcase our work – or even to get any roof repair leads. So, you will not be able to find any reviews on us there,

In the early 2000’s I used to collect (paper) feedback forms from clients and these had valuable insights and the earliest form of a review.

Then I switched to listing The Roofing Professionals Westside on ‘True Local”.

Eventually, I just asked my clients to do a review on my website.

Then demand for our roof repair services became so heavy that I switched off the reviews. So, it has been a while since my last official review.

The Roofing Professionals Westside has a Google Business listing containing Google reviews which are quite recent.

To get a bit of history you can read all my roofing reviews HERE

Do you do emergency roof repairs?

When I got taken by ambulance to the Concord hospital EMERGENCY, there was a triage process that I went through. It should be a similar process for a roof leak. We call this our Ultimate roof repair checklist.

A roof leak is an emergency. But good roofers (just like good doctors) are rare. They don’t just stop what they are doing and jump to your aid.

Therefore, the best solution when your roof springs a leak is to go through a triage process. You can do a lot yourself to mitigate the damage before you need to call in anyone else.

The local SES is like the hospital emergency team. Use them first because they are the real emergency workers. Then contact your insurance company. They will be useless in an emergency – but they will play a major role in repairing your roof when the storm has passed.

Do not try to contact us. We are not set up repairing roof leaks in the rain and our response times are not good.

Instead, check out my post on “How to cope with a leaking ceiling”. If anything, it will reduce your panic.

Are your roof repair quotes free?

FREE roof repair quotes are fairly common in our industry and we follow this illogical standard. Therefore, we do not charge you anything for doing a roof inspection, determining the best solution and follow up later with a detailed quote that we will email you.

There is a cost to us in providing roof inspections and quotes and I have a webpage dedicated to this topic.

What suburbs in Sydney do your roofing services cover?

When I first started my business, I used to travel all over Sydney for work. Then I got extremely busy. Time is not on my side – so I now prefer to travel less and stay closer to my home suburb of Strathfield. So, the further away from Strathfield you are, the slimmer your chances of getting me to look at your roof problems.

I have a webpage that details more about which suburbs I will travel to for roof repair work.

Recently, I have roofers who live in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and they have been able to do roof inspections around where they live.

What is the cost of a roof repair?

It was threatening to rain again and there was this cracked roof tile on Wendy’s roof that had caused a water drip through her light fitting in her bedroom.

I found a replacement tile in my ute and swapped it for her. I hate leaving a roof in a dangerous situation. Wendy gladly paid me $200 to stop the dangerous leak.

When I told my roofers that this was quite a common occurrence when I get called out to look at roof leaks, they were quite upset with me.

“You undervalue your services, boss. You had to go all the way out there – and you did not pick up any work for us. How can you afford to keep paying us good wages if you don’t charge enough!”

I had to agree.

My nominal charge now for a simple fix to stop a leaking roof is $400.

Roof repair costs will vary substantially depending on the work involved – More on my roof repair cost webpage…

How soon can I get my roof looked at and when can you do the work?

We are only a small roof repair centric business – and we get inundated every time there is a storm. We will struggle to go out and do enough roof inspections when this happens.

My roofers get delayed when it rains and their work schedule is very weather dependent.

It usually takes a couple of weeks before we can take a look at your roof.

Then it will be another 3 to 4 weeks before my roofers can do the roof repair work.

Waiting times can be quite variable and it is best to check out my ‘how soon can I get my roof fixed?’ webpage for the latest.

What is the smart way to use this website?

The BEST way to use this website is to fire up CHAT. This way, you can have a chat with me about anything you like about who we are, what we do and the best way to contact us.

Jack (with the help of CHATGPT), will answer all your questions. 

It may ‘hallucinate’ a little, but we are providing our CHAT with on-going training so that you can get better results from your prompts.




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