Its not too hard for a small local roofing business to build their own website

building a roofing website in Sydney

The Roofing Professionals website

It is Holiday time in January 2012, and I am spending part of it building a website for my business,,,

In July 2006, I decided that my business needed a website.

Print advertising still dominated the business promotion scene in those days and the Yellow Pages Book was still king.

Intel had just released its first Core duo chip, Google was to buy Youtube later that year, and Twitter had just launched.   Windows Vista was not released until early 2007.  Sony playstation 3 was released in 2006 and the famous Apple iphone did not make the shops until 2007.

Websites in those days were for big businesses and especially global businesses. Small local businesses had still not found much need to put up a website that would have meant a global presence and little ‘traffic’.

I published my website on Microsoft word and sent it off to Sauce  and they coded it and built The Roofing Professionals website. And even though it had quite advanced content management systems, I still needed specialised computer coders to make major changes to my website.

Fast forward to 2012. The Yellow pages (especially the book) is virtually a second tier player in the advertising scene. Google is king. Local search has made Google much more relevant to small local businesses on the web. Everyone has a smartphone and a computer and searches for products and services on the internet. And everyone watches videos on the web.

There are still many small local businesses that have not got a website. If they knew how easy it is to do so and how much benefit it can do for their businesses – they would all be on it.

I am building this Roofing Professionals Westside website using easily available web based resources all by myself. So, I reckon that if I can do it – then it is available to just about everyone else…

And for the small business owner who has read this to the end… you can go to my business mentoring website for additional resources..

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