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Lets be honest about colorbond vs tile roofs

I am biased in the colorbond vs tile roofs debate…. Because I like colorbond roofs and specialise with all sorts of metal roofs. We do not deal with installing new tile roofs…

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Why would you replace your tile roof with a colorbond metal roof?

2 responses to “Colorbond vs tile roofs in Sydney. Which one is better?”

  1. Sam Milgate says:

    Then you buy a La Escandella terra cotta tile, you wont get water through that, and stop building roofs at such small pitches.. You also did not adress the rife industry of metal roofers not using anti condensate blanket when installs, leads to a lot of leaks like I had in 2 of my properties.

  2. myrooff says:

    so what is better

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