Colorbond vs tile roofs in Sydney. Which one is better?

Lets be honest about colorbond vs tile roofs 

I am biased in the colorbond vs tile roofs debate…. Because I like colorbond roofs and specialise with all sorts of metal roofs. We do not deal with installing new tile roofs…

Colorbond vs tile roofs.. in this instance, colorbond is better
In  this instance, colorbond beats tile roofs!

Why replace a tile roof with a colorbond metal roof?

Let’s be honest again.

In some roofing situations, roof tiles are vastly inferior to colorbond metal roof sheeting.

Then why are there so many roofs in Sydney covered with roof tiles?

Well, for most well pitched roofs, tiles work satisfactorily. Besides, tiles can be a bit cheaper to put on a roof (not because of the cost of the material, but for various installation and industry factors). And there is the traditional way of thinking that roofs must be tiled.

For a standard pitched roof in Sydney, tiles will be more prone to leakage than a colorbond metal roof. Ridge capping problems, cracked roof tiles, overflowing at base of valleys and downpipe discharges, and leaf blockage are very common with tiled roofs. But are non existent with metal colorbond roofs.

For some other types of roofs, roof tiles just do not perform as well as metal roof sheeting. In fact, I would not even attempt to install roof tiles on some roofs because tiles just will not keep the rainwater out.

In these instances, there is a clear winner in the colorbond vs tile roof debate.

People do have ‘colorbond’ moments

The owners were delighted…

The outcome itself was marvellous. I have those kind of colorbond moments they show on tv.


One of the common problems with tiled roofs is the belief by some Sydney builders and roofers that tiles can go on any roof – even on minimal pitch.

Tile manufacturers stipulate the use of sarking under low pitched roofs (because they know that their tiles will leak) to try to extend the useability of their tiles. But while good sarking will keep out the water from the roof cavity – it does not prevent the tiles from leaking and soaking the timber roof battens.

With enough cycles of wetting and drying, the timber battens will eventually rot out. Not a good situation to have. And because the battens are hidden, you cannot tell their condition without removing the roof tiles.

Check out the video below.


And when you have overhanging trees, the situation gets worst. Over time, the leaks will rot the battens and cause the tiles to tilt over and the leaks starts getting worst:

Another video below shows another flat tile roof in dire straits:

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  1. Sam Milgate says:

    Then you buy a La Escandella terra cotta tile, you wont get water through that, and stop building roofs at such small pitches.. You also did not adress the rife industry of metal roofers not using anti condensate blanket when installs, leads to a lot of leaks like I had in 2 of my properties.

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