Newtown, in Sydney’s inner west has unique problems with their roofs and here is an innovative roofing repair solution for a faulty roof and gutter problem

nnovative roofing repair in Newtown Sydney inner west

I get roofing repair enquiries from Newtown fairly often. Situated in Sydney’s inner western suburbs, Newtown is a densely packed inner city suburb with lots of old terrace houses and narrow one way streets.

It can be a difficult Sydney suburb to attempt roof repairs because of the complex access requirements and the ‘makeshift’ nature of the old roofs and guttering systems.

There is a high percentage of old metal roofs in Newtown – so we frequently change their roofs over to new colorbond roofs. We would replace their rusty gutters at the same time with colorbond gutters and downpipes.

In this story, we were asked to replace a rusty gutter and fix a leak on the edge of a fairly new colorbond roof in the middle of Newtown. We found quite a unique problem that was causing the water leak at the back of the gutter of the colorbond roof. There was a PVC downpipe buried under the new colorbond roof and the downpipe was leaking at the joint!

I have come across open gutters running under roofs – so a closed PVC downpipe is a far better alternative. But I dislike any gutter or downpipe system that runs through a roof cavity because of the dangers of overflows and leakage at joints. It is far better to keep all storm water run-off outside the roof cavity. You have to keep the rain outside – not bring it into the house.

Unique roofing problems demand innovative roof repair solutions. In this case, we removed the internal downpipe and replaced it with an open gutter on top of the existing colorbond roof. This allowed the water collected in the gutter of the inner ‘closed in’ colorbond roof to be directed over the top of the rear most roof – instead of dangerously running through a downpipe buried in the roof cavity. The new open gutter was slotted through the colorbond roof successfully and now the client has no more leaks…

If you have a house in Newtown, you most likely do not have this rare problem – but I am sure there are some areas on your roof that will require some innovative roof repair solutions…

Here is the video on what we did. Enjoy.

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  1. Sam Jon says:

    Its really informative and very well presented in video as removing the downpipe with open gutter on the top of roof is really the innovative idea . This information prove useful for all the seekers .
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