Roof leaks in Sydney – caused by incorrect lapping of corrugated metal roof sheeting


incorrectly lapped corrugated metal roofing causing leaks in Sydney

You must be careful when lapping corrugated roof sheeting

In the ‘old days’, metal roof sheeting came in stock lengths. There are many old metal corrugated roofs in Sydney with 6 foot (2.4m) long roof sheets lapped together along the lengthy of the roof.

….And because end lapping of corrugated roof sheeting was so common back then, the old roofers knew how to install the roof sheeting so that the laps did not leak.

Nowadays, roof sheeting is available to any custom length. So your roofer will measure your roof and order the roof sheeting in single lengths. There are no end laps and one less place for leaks and corrosion to start.

However, if the roof is very long or if access is difficult, roofers in Sydney will be forced to install metal roofs with end laps. So a long roof may have one or two end laps in it.

If the end laps are done correctly, it will produce a very serviceable roof. But end lap skills have disappeared a bit and new roofers may find it difficult to install an end lap correctly.

Recently, I was called out to a leaking metal skillion roof in the inner west of Sydney. The roof was large and long and it had two end laps on it. There were no corrosion problems and apart from being a bit ‘flat’, there were no easily observable reasons why the roof was leaking.

Upon further probing, I finally discovered that some of the end laps were installed incorrectly (funny enough, most of the other end laps were done right).

…So, how can an end lap on a corrugated roof be installed incorrectly and why does it make it leak?

Check out the video below to find out….

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  1. Michael Yee Joy says:

    Hi Jack
    I am very impressed with your website and the knowledge you have about many aspects of roofing the solutions to roofing problems
    I have a problem with a roof over a large deck. The slope of the roof is about 3-4 degrees and I have Bluescope trim deck . I had the roof pitch increased as an engineer said we should have used cliplock. The ceiling is mouldy and the plumber/roofer says that we used the wrong paint. I had the ends turned up at the higher end of the roof. The roof still leaks and we have a box gutter as water from the deck roof and the house flows into the gutter.
    I need your help.
    Best regards

    • jackyuen says:


      Leaks on metal roofs can be quite hard to track down- especially if you have a box gutter attached and the roof is quite flat,

      As always, a site inspection is needed to see if a solution can be found – so that the roof leak can be repaired.

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