Roof repairs Sydney inner west-tricky leak at upstream corner of colorbond kliplok roof repaired

roof leak repair on colorbond roofRoof leaks can be quite tricky to find.

We were called out to a terrace house in Sydney’s inner west to trace a leak on a fairly new colorbond flat kliplok roof recently.

The story is fairly common. “Builder put up renovation with a new colorbond roof. Roof leak discovered a while after hand over. Only leaks during rains when it is windy. Builder tried to fix leak with no success….”

Roofers can hide many mistakes on a roof – but critical mistakes involving serviceability do not stay hidden for long. It can leak on a perfectly ‘good looking’ roof – just because the mistakes are hidden under flashings…

Water leaks at a wall that the roof sheeting abuts onto are usually either due to the flashings leaking, or something ‘funny’ hidden under the flashing.

In this case, the colorbond kiplok roof was quite well put together – but it had an annoying leak at the top corner. After checking out the flashing and not finding any problems, it was time to do some ‘surgery” work on the flashings.

…and guess what we found underneath?

Check out the video to find out:

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