Western Sydney Colorbond roof repairs – How NOT to install a colorbond corrugated roof

faulty chimney detail on a Sydney colorbond roof

No attempt has been made to flash this chimney

Because we specialise in repairing leaks on roofs in Sydney, I get called out to investigate the causes of the roof leaks and to come up with roofing repair solutions. It can be quite an eye opener whenever I climb onto a roof.

It never ceases to amaze me how some roofers in Sydney think that they can get away with – just because the home owner may not have the skill or knowledge to climb onto the roof to check that the work has been done properly.

Recently, I was asked to investigate a leak on a colorbond roof in western Sydney. From street level, the roof looked OK.  But once I got onto the roof, I discovered one of the worst examples of a colorbond roof installation gone wrong. I don’t even think that the roof was installed by a roofer who knew how to do a colorbond roof properly.

Basic guidelines on how roofing sheets should be lapped, screw fixings, chimney flashings, ridge capping, penetration flashing and good roofing practice was simply not followed on this roof.

Check out the video below to see what I mean:

Fortunately, the faulty roof above is not so common in Sydney. I have seen thousands of roofs and this must be the worst colorbond roof installation that I have come across. I just wish that tradesmen take some pride in their work and do the right thing by the unsuspecting home owners.

I know that means less work for me – but I don’t mind!

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