Who owns The Roofing Professionals in Sydney?

The Roofing Professionals is over 20 years old and has worked on many thousands of roofs in Sydney

Is the Roofing Professionals a franchise?


The Roofing Professionals as a brand has a rich history – but it is not a franchised business.

There are different business owners who currently (2018) run:

  • The Roofing Professionals Westside  (Jack)
  • The Roofing Professionals Northside (Darren)
  • The Roofing Professionals Eastside (Boris)

Sydney is a big city and it makes sense to have different businesses service different regions.


Why this dedicated website for… ”The Roofing Professionals Westside”?

In 2006, when websites for small businesses were in its infancy, I built the original website for  The Roofing Professionals in Sydney. (The current website is a new website and looks quite different from the very original one)

And back in those days there was no facebook, twitter or web 2.0 stuff. Over the years, this website has catered for the needs of home owners looking for trusty, professional roofers in Sydney who were able to repair leaks in their roofs and to replace their aging roofs.

And The Roofing Professionals website has some unique content and will continue to be a valuable roofing solutions source to property owners in Sydney looking for ways to fix their roofs…. but it will mainly be used a a gateway to the three independent roofing businesses.

I built this original roofing website to include Ron, who runs used his own separate roofing business from Artarmon, in Sydney.

Ron has since sold The Roofing Professionals Northside to Brad and he will cover the northern suburbs of Sydney.

Boris has taken over  The Roofing Professionals Eastside brand from Ron and he will be based in the eastern suburbs.

Now, we all have our own websites.


… A bit of history.

In 2012, I just felt that the time had come to put up a more modern and dedicated website for my own roof repair and replacement business. Something that is more ‘with the times’ …. and something that I will grow to be the:

The best roofing repairs and roof replacement website in Sydney…

There will be more emphasis on metal roofs, especially colorbond roofs – because I specialise in these types of roofs. I also do repairs to tile roofs, so you will find resources for these types of roof repairs also.

My aim is to make The Roofing Professionals Westside website the premier roofing website in Sydney Australia. A place where you can find the right answers to your roofing questions… and ultimately, the best roofing resource that you can find on the internet…

Meanwhile, the original ‘The Roofing Professionals” website will still be maintained because of its good content and for historical reasons.

There is already a lot of great content on this (The Roofing Professionals Westside) website and more will be added as I find the time,,, So, keep this site on your favourites list.



By Jack Yuen

Now in my early 60's, I started work as a civil engineer specialising in building things. In 1999, the Sydney hailstorm struck and I was asked to fix all the broken roofs in the eastern suburbs. Today, I have a great bunch of roofers and we go around Sydney tracking down roof leaks and fixing them or putting on colorbond metal roof replacements...

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