Repairing multiple leaks on new metal colorbond roof

Even new roofs leak.

We frequently get called out to do roof repairs on newly installed metal colorbond roofs. This is when the house owner has given up on trying to get the roof installer to come back to fix the leaks.

The leaks are usually quite difficult to track down. If they were easy, the roof installer would have found it and fixed it. So, we become the last resort for desperate home owners who are sick of leaks spoiling a new house..

There are many reasons why a new roof can leak if not installed correctly:

  • Roof sheets not lapped correctly;
  • screw holes or screws under flashings;
  • flashings installed incorrectly;
  • wrong roofing profile chosen;
  • the ends of the roof sheets not prepared correctly;
  • Insulation not installed correctly;
  • others…

Some roofs contain multiple sources of leaks and if not every single one is repaired, the leaks still persist.

If you have a leak that has been hard to track down, the training You Tube videos below show different types of leaks on a single newly installed metal colorbond roof…

…It could be the cause of your leak.


By Jack Yuen

Now in my early 60's, I started work as a civil engineer specialising in building things. In 1999, the Sydney hailstorm struck and I was asked to fix all the broken roofs in the eastern suburbs. Today, I have a great bunch of roofers and we go around Sydney tracking down roof leaks and fixing them or putting on colorbond metal roof replacements...

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