The best tool for turning down kliplok profile roof sheets

We know the importance of turning down the ends of kliplok roof sheets.

And like everything in life, the right tools makes the job easier and produces a better finish.

Sadly, the standard tool that we buy to turn down the ends of kliplok sheets is a disappointment and produces a sub standard result. It is even dangerous because it slips prematurely.

And for a while, we have resorted to using the trimdek tool to do turndowns on kliplok sheets.

Even though the trimdek tool is designed for a narrower pan and we had to perform two lapping actions to complete a turn down.

Then my guys discovered a neat little trick.

If you reverse the trimdek tool and use the turnup end of the tool to perform the turn down – it produces a perfect result.

We can now throw the standard kliplok turndown tool away and just carry the more versatile trimdek tool in our tool boxes.

Just a note that the trimdek also has an integrated  corrugated sheeting turnup jaw

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  1. Adam Findlay says:

    Hey mate im just wondering were you can buy these tools from.

    • Jack Yuen says:

      Hi Adam,

      Roofing tools are available either directly from the roofing manufacturers (Stramit, Lysaght, Stratco etc)… Or you can get them from roofing shops (if you are in Sydney… No 1 roofing, The roofing supermarket, KFC roofing etc).


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