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Posted Monday 11th January 2021:

We are officially back from holidays to restart our roof repairs mission for 2021

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We all wish our holidays were longer.

But reality says that we have to do meaningful work for most of our lives.

So, we are dusting ourselves off to re-boot 2021.

We are luck with the weather this week and after doing some tidy up work today, my guys will be replacing a concrete tiled roof with a colorbond roof for the rest of this week.

Replacing concrete tile roof with colorbond roof January 2021
The first section of the concrete tiled roof replaced by colorbond metal. 3 more days to do the other faces of the roof

I have done a bit of tidy up work on this website during my holidays – so much of the functionality of this new website is good.

There is still a bit more content and polishing up to do over the next few weeks.


Posted Thursday 31st Dec 2020:

Why we have to be prepared for change in the new year

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It is not often that I go for 24 hours with out sleep. I did this on Tuesday.

I  tried to push this new website to LIVE and it kept failing. So I had to spend all night doing the update on a live site. Had to keep going because the site was live.

Then early Wednesday morning we drove down to Thredbo to do a family trip for a few days. Checked this website this morning and most of it was working.

The website is built ‘Mobile-first’ and I checked it on Google Page Speed Insights this morning.

It scored 98! YES!

The roofing professionals westside google page speed insights mobile
From May 2021, Google will start insisting that websites load fast and have good vitals. This is a good start in getting ready.


Why do things have to change?

The whole extended family took the trek to the top of Mt Kosciuszko today. 14 degrees and sunny when we took the chairlift at 9.30am. And the sun drifted in and out of the clouds as we started walking.

We had packed for the forecasted ‘mixed’ weather – so we could strip our layers as we got warmer with the effort and as the sun popped out. The temperature drops 5 degrees as soon as the sun is blocked.

We got to the top of the mountain around 12.15pm and the weather was beautiful. We gathered for a picnic and saw dark clouds roll in and out very quickly. We suspected that change was coming and made haste (after the queue for the summit monument photo) and started our return trip.

At the highest toilet in Australia (just at the base of the last climb section), it started to sprinkle. It was big drops. Then the ‘pings’ started as small hail stones bounced off the steel walkway.

We were glad that we had raingear in our backpacks that we could put on. That meant that while we were drenched outside, the inside stayed dry. And after 15 minutes, it all stopped. Our gear started to dry up as we made our way back to the chairlift.

When we got off the panoramic chair ride down the mountain, the operators started telling the mountain bikers that the chairlift was going to be closing due to the oncoming weather. It was ‘Last ride” time.

It took us 10 minutes to walk back to our lodge and the rain started to pelt down a couple of minutes after that. We all started the day prepared for the changing conditions – and when it happened, we were able to take it in our stride.

Unconsciously, Change is what people crave for.

My wife was hooked on her news feed. Victoria was going to lock down its borders on New years day to ‘us people’ from NSW. They did not want our strain of COVID19.

One of our sons had come down from Townsville to the ACT. Was he going to pack up soon before Queensland closed its border to ACT residents? What is going to happen next? And this is what we are hooked on.

We are afraid of change but we dislike boredom a lot more. Life is a story, and it has to keep moving.

What is in store for the roof repair industry in 2021?

Life is getting digital and COVID19 has accelerated the change in the acceptance of a new way of communicating. The roofing industry will follow this new way of life.

Everyone embraced the phone as their ‘face’ to the rest of the world. In this way, all our communications to our potential clients will need to be geared to cater for this device. People do not search for services on the computer very much now.

If they are hooked to watch ‘wide screen’ movies on the mobile screen, then the mobile is the ‘go-to’ device.

The Roofing Professionals Westside are now forced to cater for this change in search and communication usage – and we are going BIG on mobile and this thing that Google calls ‘Core Web Vitals’ (just another way of saying that people want websites to load fast and have good usability on their tiny screens).

That is why I went ‘sleepless’ in Sydney…

So, if you are reading this, it should be a good experience and you will not mind returning. We have planned for a lot more changes in the way that we operate this year… so pop in every now and then.

We are on the journey of redefining how roof repairs will be carried out in Sydney.

Posted Tuesday 29th December 2020:

Right in the middle of a major website update right now

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    • It is the end of 2020 and I am in the middle of a website redesign.


    • Mobile devices are outstripping desktop computers for internet use – so everything is now ‘small screen’ centric.

The speed of mobile data has a lot of catching up to do so, this new website is being re-designed to load fast on mobile devices. I am making my new website LIVE before all the finishing touches have been finalised. So, there will be some content missing in the early days – which will gradually get patched in from early 2021 All the best for 2021 and hope to see you if you intend to reach out for roof repair help

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