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The roof repair scene in Sydney is forever changing – so we have to update continuously.

Posted Wednesday 28th July 2021:

Today, the NSW Government gave us permission to do selected roof repairs in Sydney

In the next month of August, the NSW Government has eased restrictions for the construction industry. This means that targeted work in Local Government Areas that are not firmly locked down is now permitted. If you are fortunate to be in the Northern, Eastern and Central LGA’s, you can get your roof repairs done.

The latest COVID restrictions means that our roof repair teams are able to carry out roof repairs in occupied residential premises under certain guidelines.

The Roofing Professionals Westside is compliant with the latest health guidelines and this is described below:

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The Roofing Professionals Westside COVID compliance details for AUGUST 2021 roof repair work.

Location of business: STRATHFIELD LGA

Business Category: CONSTRUCTION – roof repairs

Construction Area: Occupied residential homes with ZERO contact between resident and workers. Outside work on roof with a maximum of 5 workers only.. No access to amenities required as workers will be ‘self-contained’

Communication channels: If required, communication with clients will be via digital (phone or internet) devices.

Other relevant facts:
The roofing team during the AUGUST period will be as follows:
• Jack Yuen – lives in Strathfield and is COVID free.
• Geoff Field – lives in Camperdown and is COVID free.
• Christian Ross – lives in Leichhardt and is COVID free
• Mason Duggan – Lives in East Gardens and is vaccinated (first) and is COVID free
• Luke Phillips – Lives in East Gardens and is COVID free
• Chris Mayer – Lives in Little Bay and is COVID free

Team meetings have (and will be) conducted via digital means.

If you are looking at booking roof inspections during the month of August, this is possible if we all take a few additional steps to ensure that ‘contactless’ roof repair inspections can be carried out.

More details on our CONTACT booking page.

Posted Sunday 17th July 2021:

Roof repair work paused in Sydney due to DELTA COVID threat

NSW government pauses construction work until August 2021
NSW government pauses construction work until August 2021

Many of us tuned in the NSW Government COVID update yesterday (17th July 2021) at 11am. We did not expect our premier to bring the hammer down on the construction industry. But she did.
Roof repair work falls under the umbrella of the building industry and when construction activity is ‘paused’, we are also forced into hibernation. Under the current restrictions, the earliest that we can get our roof technicians out to repair your leaking roofs will be Monday 2nd August.

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Our clients will feel the following impacts:

Roofing jobs already booked in:
We have approximately 8 weeks of roof repair work already booked in for our clients. No work will happen on these jobs until August. This means our roof technicians are fully booked until early October – when any new work can be scheduled.
We will prioritise work according to individual circumstances.

Roof Inspections booked in:
We have to cancel all the roof inspections that are booked in for the month of July. August inspections are still in our queue. If your inspection has been cancelled, come back next week (when we will have a clearer picture of restrictions) and re-book in August.

Looking to book in an inspection as soon as you can?
Our booking calendar is blocked out for the month of July. This calendar will not take bookings for August until the end of this week. Come back then and there may be an available date and time for you to book.

Looking for help in the next two weeks?
We are all healthy here at the Roofing Professionals Westside. We have had COVID tests and these have all been negative. We will be using this enforced ‘pause’ to upgrade the ‘back-end’ of our business – so, a few of us will still be ‘at work’.
Feel free to email us (go to our contact page), or comment on one of our web pages if you are looking for answers to questions that are bugging you.

Posted Thursday 6th May 2021:

Why our roofing prices keep on rising…

cost of roofer in Sydney
A good roofer costs much more than the average roofer

We have just received another round of notifications that roofing materials will go up another 6.5% in July this year.
And good roofers are hard to get (and keep). We have good roofers and pay them a lot more than the Sydney average wage. So you can see that labour costs for roofing work are ‘sky-high’.

There is little inflation in most consumer goods. BUT there is a lot of inflation in the building industry!
So, the only way to get it cheaper is to do your roof repairs sooner rather than later…

To find out how much an average roof repair costs in Sydney, go HERE.

Posted Sunday 28th March 2021:

Why roof maintenance is important if you want to claim roof repairs under insurance.

Roof repair claim rejected by insurance company
Most roof repair insurance claims for the recent rains will be REJECTED

A lot of people will be putting in insurance claims for repairs to damage caused by leaking roofs after last weekend’s bout of heavy long duration rains.

The recent deluge had no high winds. So, most of the roof leaks would have been cause by ‘dodgy’ roofs that could not cope with heavy rain.

If you put in an insurance claim for roof repairs, you should know that the insurance will most likely reject your claim. The insurance company will send an assessor out in the next few weeks and the report that they will provide will most likely state: “…unfortunately the roof repairs are not storm related and are due to lack of roof maintenance.”
The insurance company will NOT repair your leaking roof. At most, they will only repair the internal damage part of your claim…
Go to this page for the reasons why roof repair insurance claims will most likely be rejected.

Posted Sunday 21st March 2021:

When is this rain ever going to stop? I need my leaking roof fixed!

what to do if you have a leaking roof
A huge container to catch the drips from the ceiling is a start. What to do next?

135mm of rain fell in Homebush on Saturday. The forecast is for more rain today and for the next two more days.

Why is it so hard to get a booking to do a roof inspection for a roof repair?

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Imagine you are a doctor in a major hospital.
It is late March 2020. COVID-19 just dumped a whole lot of sick people into your over-crowded wards. There are cries for help coming from all directions. Soon you become physically, mentally and emotionally drained. You feel like your hands are tied and your efficiency is way down. How do you triage the onslaught?

After the last few days of constant rain, this is what it is like right now for us.
It is raining and we cannot do any roof work. We have existing clients with old and new leaks. Our calendar is booked out and people are forced to come in via the second option of the booking form (and hoping for a cancellation – opening up a new timeslot) . It is mayhem.

How do we stay sane?
We do not answer our phones. So, for the next few weeks, the attention robber called the phone will ring out. We are no longer like firemen. We have to treat everything as ‘non-emergency’ situations.
That is the only way we can stay energised and maintain focus on getting through as much work as possible in an orderly fashion.
And also do the things that every human should set aside time for.
Like eating well, exercising, spending time with loved ones and even a little bit of meditation
We are here to play the “Long Game.” No use killing ourselves prematurely and reducing the time span that we can be useful to those we serve…
In time, things will quieten down and we will get to your roof leak.

Posted Thursday 18th March 2021:

Why is it so hard to get a roof repaired after a heavy rain?….

This sort of weather is expected over the next few days in Sydney
This sort of weather is expected over the next few days in Sydney

The weather man’s predictions have been a bit off for Sydney weather this past month.

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We roofers in Sydney like a bit of rain to bring out the roof leaks to keep us in business. But prolonged days of heavy rain work against us because we cannot get on a roof and do any work.

This sort of weather (heavy rain followed by a long dry spell) has another set of challenges for us. We would do many roof repairs in the dry period and these roofs get tested by the rain. The longer the dry period, the more roofs we would have repaired…

The odds are that some of our repairs will be “found wanting”…

So, before we can tackle any new roof leak repair work, we have an obligation to honour our warranties on the repair work that we racked up in the dry period. As soon as it dries up, we will be tackling any warranty repairs first. And depending on how many of these we have to do, fresh bookings for leaking roof inspections and repairs will need to take a ‘back seat’.

If you are looking for a roof repair when this rain front moves away, our booking calendar will indicate our ‘up to date’ openings .

Go to our booking calendar if you are in this category and what your roof inspected for a roof repair

Posted Sunday 21st February 2021:

Booking in your roof repair inspection just got easier….

Roof repair booking calendar for the roofing professionals westside
You can now do an INSTANT BOOKING for your roof inspection

Last week, we have rolled out a new option on our website to allow clients to do an INSTANT BOOKING to get their roof looked at.

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Do roofers bet on the weather?

In Sydney (and the rest of Australia), anyone can make bets on the weather using their favourite bookmaker. So, what do they use for their ‘form guide’?
I bet most of they will use the ‘BOM’ (Bureau Of Meteorology). It is the organisation with the most weather data for Australia.

The BOM just did a ‘dirt’ on us this past week. It told us that rainy days were the norm. Instead of rain, we got sunny days. Our trust on the BOM just went down a few notches. We had bet on doing only a little bit of roof repair work and steeled ourselves for a flood of bookings for roof leaks.

We just lost our bets.

But what are our other choices? When next week comes around, we will log back into the BOM weather app and make our bets again. Suckers for punishment.

How does the new roof repair booking calendar work?

The BOM was ‘spot on’ last February. It warned us of a large rain event and it arrived as forecasted.
I was not ready for it.

This website got hit with so many roof repair enquiries through the contact form – that to this day, there is still about 100 enquiries that I have not been able to respond to. This is a massive failure on our system. Throughout last year, we struggled to get on top of the roofing enquiries. We never succeeded.

But we did build on our roof inspection capacity. We now have two additional roofers trained up to look at leaking roofs with expert eyes. Training up Geoff and Mason for roof inspection work has more than doubled our capacity.
And we have to put new systems in place make this possible.

That is why we have introduced our new calendar booking system. It automates the insertion of your booking into our roof inspection calendar – making sure that you are not left out. You can now go into the calendar and find a time slot that suits you and make a firm roof inspection booking. Our internal allocation system then books in the most appropriate roof inspector for you.

The old contact form is still available for certain circumstances. You will be booked manually once we make contact with you.

Is our new roof inspection booking system an improvement?

It has been a week, and the majority of our potential clients are using the booking calendar.

A couple have used the ‘old’ contact form. And we even have a couple of people directly email us using the ‘info’ email.

If you have made a booking and want to give us some feedback, make a comment on the bottom of this page.

If you want to try out the new roof inspection booking system, just click on this link.

Posted Friday 12th February 2021:

The cost of roof repair and roof replacement work goes up on 1st March…

zincalume price increase March 2021
You have a couple of weeks to book your roof job in before the price rise in March

Roofing work is just about to get more expensive.

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Bluescope has a monopoly on steel roofing products in Australia, and they are just about to jack up their prices. That means that every business downstream of the Bluescope steel mill will need to update (raise) their prices.

We order a lot of our zincalume and colorbond roofing materials from Stramit and they have advised of a 4.5% price increase on colorbond and a 9% increase in zincalume products.

What does that mean for homeowners who have roofing work to do?

We have a lot of roof repair and roof replacement work booked in already. These clients are locked into our currently quoted pricing. These clients are the lucky ones. They will get their roof work done at the current price.
We are quoting for work at the moment and all quotes accepted before March 1st will be at the current price structure.
From 1st March, our pricing program will be based on the new increased prices.
That means all work quoted or accepted from March will be at the more expensive rate.

So, if you are on the verge of booking in some roof repair or roof replacement work, you have a couple of weeks to save yourself some money.

Posted Monday 25th January 2021:

We got a couple of weeks of ‘catch-up’ roofing work done and the hot weather hit us and now we have another holiday coming…

replace tile roof with colorbond roof - final touches
The flashing work on any colorbond roof is the hardest to do. But this where the good roofers can be a bit imaginative.

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We did the final tidy up work to our tile to colorbond re-roof last week. The final touches are usually the most time consuming and it is where my roofers can show a bit of their own personal flair with their flashing work.

Back to our difficult roof repair jobs again:

The inner west and those difficult roof repair jobs are what we are used to.

Back with harnesses and long ladders….

replacing high level gutter in Glebe
The inner west of Sydney has high terrace roofs, difficult site access and even solar panels. It makes our roof repair work all the more challenging

The ultimate roof repair checklist

We have also tidied up our roof repair checklists and combined it into one ultimate roof repair checklist for use by homeowners and roof repairers.

leaking roof repair checklist for homeowners
Checklists make life easier. If your roof has developed a leak, use this checklist to get you out of trouble.

Posted Monday 11th January 2021:

We are officially back from holidays to restart our roof repairs mission for 2021

Replacing concrete tile roof with colorbond roof January 2021
The first section of the concrete tiled roof replaced by colorbond metal. 3 more days to do the other faces of the roof

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We all wish our holidays were longer.

But reality says that we have to do meaningful work for most of our lives.

So, we are dusting ourselves off to re-boot 2021.

We are luck with the weather this week and after doing some tidy up work today, my guys will be replacing a concrete tiled roof with a colorbond roof for the rest of this week.

I have done a bit of tidy up work on this website during my holidays – so much of the functionality of this new website is good.

There is still a bit more content and polishing up to do over the next few weeks.

Posted Thursday 31st Dec 2020:

Why we have to be prepared for change in the new year

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It is not often that I go for 24 hours with out sleep. I did this on Tuesday.

I  tried to push this new website to LIVE and it kept failing. So I had to spend all night doing the update on a live site. Had to keep going because the site was live.

Then early Wednesday morning we drove down to Thredbo to do a family trip for a few days. Checked this website this morning and most of it was working.

The website is built ‘Mobile-first’ and I checked it on Google Page Speed Insights this morning.

It scored 98! YES!

The roofing professionals westside google page speed insights mobile
From May 2021, Google will start insisting that websites load fast and have good vitals. This is a good start in getting ready.

Why do things have to change?

The whole extended family took the trek to the top of Mt Kosciuszko today. 14 degrees and sunny when we took the chairlift at 9.30am. And the sun drifted in and out of the clouds as we started walking.

We had packed for the forecasted ‘mixed’ weather – so we could strip our layers as we got warmer with the effort and as the sun popped out. The temperature drops 5 degrees as soon as the sun is blocked.

We got to the top of the mountain around 12.15pm and the weather was beautiful. We gathered for a picnic and saw dark clouds roll in and out very quickly. We suspected that change was coming and made haste (after the queue for the summit monument photo) and started our return trip.

At the highest toilet in Australia (just at the base of the last climb section), it started to sprinkle. It was big drops. Then the ‘pings’ started as small hail stones bounced off the steel walkway.

We were glad that we had raingear in our backpacks that we could put on. That meant that while we were drenched outside, the inside stayed dry. And after 15 minutes, it all stopped. Our gear started to dry up as we made our way back to the chairlift.

When we got off the panoramic chair ride down the mountain, the operators started telling the mountain bikers that the chairlift was going to be closing due to the oncoming weather. It was ‘Last ride” time.

It took us 10 minutes to walk back to our lodge and the rain started to pelt down a couple of minutes after that. We all started the day prepared for the changing conditions – and when it happened, we were able to take it in our stride.

Unconsciously, Change is what people crave for.

My wife was hooked on her news feed. Victoria was going to lock down its borders on New years day to ‘us people’ from NSW. They did not want our strain of COVID19.

One of our sons had come down from Townsville to the ACT. Was he going to pack up soon before Queensland closed its border to ACT residents? What is going to happen next? And this is what we are hooked on.

We are afraid of change but we dislike boredom a lot more. Life is a story, and it has to keep moving.

What is in store for the roof repair industry in 2021?

Life is getting digital and COVID19 has accelerated the change in the acceptance of a new way of communicating. The roofing industry will follow this new way of life.

Everyone embraced the phone as their ‘face’ to the rest of the world. In this way, all our communications to our potential clients will need to be geared to cater for this device. People do not search for services on the computer very much now.

If they are hooked to watch ‘wide screen’ movies on the mobile screen, then the mobile is the ‘go-to’ device.

The Roofing Professionals Westside are now forced to cater for this change in search and communication usage – and we are going BIG on mobile and this thing that Google calls ‘Core Web Vitals’ (just another way of saying that people want websites to load fast and have good usability on their tiny screens).

That is why I went ‘sleepless’ in Sydney…

So, if you are reading this, it should be a good experience and you will not mind returning. We have planned for a lot more changes in the way that we operate this year… so pop in every now and then.

We are on the journey of redefining how roof repairs will be carried out in Sydney.

Posted Tuesday 29th December 2020:

Right in the middle of a major website update right now

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    • It is the end of 2020 and I am in the middle of a website redesign.
    • Mobile devices are outstripping desktop computers for internet use – so everything is now ‘small screen’ centric.

The speed of mobile data has a lot of catching up to do so, this new website is being re-designed to load fast on mobile devices. I am making my new website LIVE before all the finishing touches have been finalised. So, there will be some content missing in the early days – which will gradually get patched in from early 2021 All the best for 2021 and hope to see you if you intend to reach out for roof repair help

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