A handy trick for a high rib metal roof repair to know

Short cuts in roof repairs can get us into trouble sometimes.

But sometimes, they come in quite handy and they can be very effective and economical. These short cuts can save home owners a lot of money (and do the roofer out of a roof replacement job) so Sydney roofers will not let you onto their ‘bag of tricks’ very often.

I was in the Sutherland Shire to fix a leaking  metal roof and in this instance we decided use this handy trick instead of going to the huge expense of removing the roof. The owner was only looking for a quick fix – because he was going to remove this roof in a few years time for a renovation….

It may not be the prettiest solution, but the main thing is that it works.

Every now and then we venture into the ‘Shire’. It is more with a desire to to help than to set up shop in the southern Suburbs of Sydney. The time taken to travel down there can make us a little un-competitive.

So, in this instance we were looking for an effective solution that did not involve removing the roof or replacing the roof. The roof sheets were aluminium and had many years of service left in them – it was only the installation that was in-effective.

Over the years, the good Roofers in Sydney develop their own little tricks that can get themselves (and their clients) out of trouble with leaking roofs. Not many will show you the tricks that they can use (just like magicians – who damage their income by show and tell) for the obvious and less obvious reasons.

So, the video below shows one of the roofing repair tricks that we use. It will not win any beauty contest – but it works!