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Why do you have a roof that continues to leak?

…when in this day and age, everything is supposed to work properly?

There is no ‘Product Recall’ when your roof leaks. Just lots of frustration trying to get it fixed under warranty… or just to get a roofer knowledgeable enough to fix it.

Like most roofing companies, we started off installing new roofs.

Until one day, one of my roofers asked …why do we keep getting these jobs fixing other roofers ###-ups!

This was when I realised that we were better at fixing leaking roofs than at putting roofs on new houses.

Many years have passed since that realisation and my roofers are still fixing roof leaks and replacing leaking roofs (and getting better at it because of their extensive experience).

There seems to be no end to leaking roofs.

The demand for our roof repair solutions is now so heavy (especially after any sort of storm), that I am forced to limit the amount of enquiries that we can service.

Please pop over to my CONTACT page if you want to see if you are able to get on my list.


The things we do most of:

  • Repairing leaks on metal and tile roofs:
  • Repairing leaks on box gutters;
  • Repairing leaking skylights;
  • Replacing old metal and tile roofs with colorbond roofs;
  • Replacing rusty valleys and repointing tile roofs;
  • Specialised flashing work.


The things we do NOT do:

  • Asbestos removal;
  • Brand new roofs and guttering;
  • Tile roof replacements;
  • Membrane roofs;
  • Any type of slate roof work;
  • Any type of roof painting work.



My Story

My business was in a rut.

It was 2006.

I had a couple of large roofing jobs on new building sites and nothing was going right.

In 1999, when I decided to abandon my 18 year civil engineering construction career…. I had high hopes of building a roofing company under my brother’s guidance.

“How hard is it to start and build a small business in Sydney….?” I asked myself.

“Surely. I can do it.”

The first year was easy. The giant hailstorm that hit the eastern suburbs of Sydney kept us busy. Then things went back to normal and work slowed down.

After a couple of years, I was all by myself – still confident that I could make it…. Even though the major dip in 2003 almost left me with no money in the business to pay myself any wages.

It took 7 years to make me realise that roofing was not going to be my business..

By 2006, I was ready to throw in the towel.

Business Coaching was going to be my next business.

Running a roofing business was just too hard.

Like many of the other small businesses around, there were many challenges:

  • There was fierce competition
  • I did not know who my target customers were and frequently ended up in the wrong segment – which was builders and new housing
  • I was trying to do everything for everybody
  • I did not know how to properly price things
  • And it was hard to find good workers

Roofing businesses do not sell for very much at all. So, I decided to continue on for a short while. I started to implement what a business coach would have told me (a bit of irony in this).

I built a website.

Then Google changed everything.

It initially gave me good search positions. Then slowly it started to feed me customers.

Slowly, I started to concentrate on the areas of roofing that I liked.

I abandoned new roofing work – and in doing so, stopped working for builders.

After a while, my roofers began to comment that all their work seemed to consist of fixing the faulty work that previous roofers had done.

There are a lot of leaking roofs in Sydney.

Some of it is simply because roof gets old. Rust and the ravages of time eventually makes the roofs unserviceable.

The other reason is inexcusable and it happens a lot more often than it should. …..And it is just roofs put together badly.

It is just a combination of:

  • Lack of expertise and knowledge
  • Bad workmanship … and
  • Simple mistakes

But is enough to create lots of leaking roofs.

Over the last few years, we have discovered that there are far more leaking roofs than we can fix.

And the challenge today is how to do as much as we can with our limited resources.

Over the last few years, our nominal waiting time for inspections is about 3 weeks … and this unfortunately means that we cannot attend to urgent leaks any more.

At the time of this writing, I am almost 60.

But, I feel that there are a lot more leaking roofs that I can organise my roofers to fix before I am done….

Hope to catch up with you one day…




More Stuff..


roofing professionals westside roof reviews
What other people say is worth more to you than what I say

But my business is really NOT about me.,,, It is about YOU, the client.
So, it is best to check out what type of clients I work with and their honest roofing reviews:



What are your licence and ABN details?

The Roofing Professionals Westside is a business name registered with Fair Trading NSW.  The Registration number is H4639929.
The Roofing Professionals Westside is owned by a registered company called ADVCON Pty Ltd.

ADVCON Pty Ltd is GST registered and holds ABN 35 072 196 411.

search trades for ADVCON Pt yLtd
search trades for ADVCON Pt yLtd







ADVCON Pty Ltd has a NSW Fair Trading building licence and the number is 83837C.

ADVCON Pty Ltd has Workers Compensation cover with ‘ICare” and Public Liability Cover with “Chase Underwriting P/L”



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How long is your warranty?

in February 2012, the statutory warranties changed…

Below is an extract from the nsw fairtrading website:

Statutory warranty periods

Builders, developers, owner–builders and tradespeople must warrant that, amongst other things, their work has been performed in a proper and workmanlike manner. Under the current law a homeowner, or subsequent purchaser, has the right to enforce these warranties for up to 7 years after the work was completed.

Commencing 1 February 2012, the warranty period will be 6 years for structural defects and 2 years for non–structural defects. These periods will be extended by 6 months if the homeowner or subsequent purchaser becomes aware of a defect in the last 6 months of these time periods.”

I have been offering a 7 year roof warranty on my work for a long time – and that is not about to change. Even though I am now only ‘legally’ bound to give a 2 year warranty.

The nature of our roofing work means that a faulty roof will leak when we get a decent rain. This may take weeks or months to happen. Not years.

So, it your roof does not leak when it next rains – then it is unlikely to do so for years to come.

I offer a 7 year warranty purely for selfish reasons.

… because sometime within the next 7 years, something else may go wrong with your roof and you will remember me because I am still YOUR roofer.  I get a lot of repeat clients this way.

When we complete our roofing repairs or roof replacement for you, it may seem rude  for us not to say “See you soon…”. If it is that soon – it means that we have made some mistake and are coming back to fix it!

bluescope warranty
Your Colorbond materials are automatically covered for up to 30 years by Bluescope

HOWEVER, if we use colorbond materials on your roof , then Bluescope automatically covers you for for up to 35 years for their materials anyway…


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What is your specialty?

  • Metal colorbond roofs.
  • Leak detection and roof repairs to tile and metal roofs.
  • Pride of Workmanship.

We get to do a lot of repairs to leaking roofs. And when you have done as much as I have – then I have seen most of the common problems with roofs that cause roofs to leak. But it never ceases to amaze me that I still come across new ones that some roofers create.

Of course, some of the roof leaks are caused by rusty roofs that are way past their ‘use by’ date. In this case, the only option is a roof replacement. Any we only really do metal roof replacements – and mainly colorbond roofs.

I do not do tile roof replacements because I just don’t want to (and my guys are not inclined or skilled in that area). I am busy enough just concentrating on new  metal colorbond roofs.

I have found that it is way easier for everyone concerned if we “do the right thing” by the client. That means my guys are always careful with their work and attitude when they are on a roofing job. It is easier for them. And ultimately, everyone gains.

For more details on this subject, visit Roof repairs and colorbond roof replacements.


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Where is your shop?

I do not have a  shop.

I do not retail roofing materials (although I on occasions order materials in for friends). That means I do not have to display anything and keep any stock.

I find it easier to work from home – and that is exactly what I do.

Materials for your job will be delivered straight from the roofing material manufacturer to your doorstep and my roofing guys will leave their home in the mornings and go straight to your place. When access and storage is tight, I will have the materials delivered to my place and the guys will pick up and bring it along with them in the morning…


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Is the Roofing Professionals a franchise?

The Roofing Professionals is not a franchise.

The Roofing Professionals is a brand that is shared by two separate businesses in Sydney.

I own and operate The Roofing Professionals Westside – based in Strathfield.

Ron Conrad owns and runs The Roofing Professionals Northside and The Roofing Professionals Eastside. And he also works from home.

At this point in time, we have very little in common in terms of business operations.


For more details go to: my blog on “How many Roofing Professionals are there in Sydney


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How busy are you?

During week days, I am usually very busy with roofing business. On the weekends, I do not do any roof work. These are my ‘off’ days and you will find me on my bicycle either on a training ride or racing at one of the race tracks.

when can you do my roof
How soon before I can come over for your roof?

I do have a web page dedicated to my lead times and you will find up to date information there about when I will be available to attend to your roof.


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How much deposit do you require?

deposits requirements for building work
Why don’t I charge a deposit when you accept my roofing quote?

I do not charge a deposit like most roofers and builders. Go to my blog to find out why…..

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9 Responses to "About us"
    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for your enquiry. Please submit your details on the contacts page and I will get back to you about inspecting your roof for a replacement in Rozelle.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for your enquiry. We cannot help because we specialise in repairing roof leaks and replacing old roofs with colorbond metal roofs.
      We do not do any new house construction roofing work.

      Jack Yuen

  1. Hi Jack
    At the corner of our gable end the eaves have dropped slightly and separated from the barge board. I think this is a remnant of the big storm we had in 1991 but has only happened recently. The roof itself looks ok. Is this the kind of repair you can do? Thanks, Alastair, Normanhurst

    • Hi Alastair,

      We specialise in finding roof leaks and fixing them. Also in replacing tile roofs with colorbond roofs.
      The work you describe is more carpentry work that we do not do.


  2. Hi Jack, we have a flat roof with a leaking skylight & have been back and forward with AAMI for 8 months or so, after the skylight cap was replaced following a hail storm. It was not leaking prior to the man going up and hammering at the skylight. Anyway, long story short, we would like to remove the skylight and bitumen roof covering and replace it with Klip Lock roofing. Are you able to give us a quote to do this?
    Many thanks, Jane

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