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Latest COVID compliance requirements for AUGUST 2021

We are not able to enter your home to do any roof inspections. Therefore ‘CONTACTLESS’ will be the only option in the month of August.

There is also a restriction on LGA’s. We have also decided that for the month of August, we will NOT do any roof inspections in the ‘8 restricted LGA’s”.

Therefore, if you are outside these 8 LGA’s and want to book in a roof inspection, you CAN.

We will contact you after your booking to determine what information we need from you so that we can do a ‘CONTACTLESS’ roof inspection.


We have made it easier for you to instantly book in your roof inspection.

Just go to our booking calendar below, find your preferred time slot and BOOK IT IN.
If there are no available time slots, it means that we are fully booked. You can alternatively make an enquiry through our ROOFING ENQUIRY page and we will register your enquiry for action when we have a free time slot.


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