How much does colorbond roofing cost?

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In Sydney, there are mainly two types of roofs.

  1. Tiles (either terracotta, concrete or slate).
  2. Metal (usually referred to as colorbond)

The versatility of metal roofing over tiles is changing the roofscapes around Sydney.

You will see new houses with low pitched roofs or with extreme roof slopes. And they are all colorbond roofs. Old roofs get the new colorbond treatment and it is now the fashion statement.
This prompts the question “Does colorbond roofing cost more or less than tile roofs?”

Are Colorbond metal roofs more expensive than tile roofs?

If you are building a project home, the colorbond roof option will set you back a little over the traditional concrete tile roof (which is the cheapest roof material option). So, if you use this as a yardstick – then colorbond is a touch more expensive.

However, if the roof is complicated and has low pitched sections, then roof tiles will eventually cause you a lot more problems with maintenance and water leakage…. which makes the colorbond option cheaper in the long run…

So, what costs am I looking at?

If you are just looking for an approximate cost to replace a tile roof or an old metal roof with a colorbond roof in Sydney, then there is a “What is the replacement cost of a roof” page. Just go there.

If you are just shopping around and you are looking for colorbond roofing prices in Sydney’s inner and mid west, then the following  video is a good starting point to learn a bit more of the nitty gritty of colorbond roofs and colorbond roofing materials…

The video is a few years old and the costs are about 50% more than what is on the video – but you will get the general idea.


10 responses to “How much does colorbond roofing cost?”

  1. LyndaFrankcombe says:

    Hi we are interested in getting a quote to replace our tile roof with a colour bond roof. I can be contacted by the email or phone 0412451302 thank you

  2. jackyuen says:

    Thanks Lynda,

    I got your emailed enquiry about your colorbond roof replacement in Pymble. Unfortunately, it is a bit out of my area…

  3. Dirk says:

    Hi we are a complex of 11 which 10 need new roofs to match the other one that has already been done.

  4. jackyuen says:


    Thanks for your comment. Are the new roofs going to be colorbond roofs?

  5. Syanne says:

    Hi,is Banksia,nsw 2216 include in your are?thank you

  6. jackyuen says:


    We do roof repair and roof replacement work in Banksia.

  7. Lina says:

    Hi I would like a quote on colour bond to be put up on out front pagola

  8. jackyuen says:

    Thanks for your colorbond roof enquiry, Lina.
    Can you email me with your address and phone details please at :

  9. Chris Maroudas says:

    I’m in Hammondville and would like to replace tiles with colorbond. Approximately 126 Sq meters

  10. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Chris,

    You will be looking a a ballpark of $16,000.


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