What colours can you get for your colorbond roof?

Colorbond colours change fairly often

Bluescope changes the range of colorbond colours every now and then – and when they do so, these colours are available to all the roofing and guttering ‘rollformers’ (roofing manufacturing companies who use the Bluescope colorbond coil to produce roofing sheets , flashings and guttering.

It is best to go to the Colorbond website for the current colours and use their appearance application… Although we may issue colour updates and comments about these on other parts of our website. Go to the HOME page and catch up on the latest in Colorbond.

In 2013, Bluescope announced 6 new colours (and withdrawing 5 colours in the ‘old’ range) that will be available  early 2014 from most roll formers. The colour chart for 2013 is below:

On the Bluescope colorbond site, you will find your choice of colours in the standard range. If you are using the ‘ultra’ colorbond roofing material, then there is also another page where a smaller range is found. Even stainless steel can come in colorbond colours. And fences get their own colour range. Some other manufacturers have their own range of colours – but they cannot call theirs ‘colorbond’ because this branding is owned by Bluescope. Ace Gutters produce their guttering in the standard colorbond range and also in a range of their own colours. For all the convenience of websites, the screen  resolution on your computer will not show the exact colours effectively. You will need to look at an actual colour sample and most roofers will carry samples with them that they can show you. Check out the picture gallery above. I have to really try to remember what colours were chosen for the roofs we have done because the pictures do not show the true colours that well. Remember that within a range, there is no difference in pricing for the different colours.


*UPDATE October 2013.* Bluescope announces Colorbond colour changes. One of our suppliers, Bluescope Lysaght recently sent me this message… “Lysaght is pleased to announce that following the launch of the new COLORBOND® steel colour range, we will have the full 22 standard colours ready to supply nationally from Monday 2nd December 2013. The colours may be available even earlier than this in some products and in some regions. Reflecting architectural and design trends pointing towards dependable, organic tones, the new colours have been developed to offer even greater choice. The new COLORBOND® steel additions to the standard Lysaght range include Basalt™, Cove™, Gully™, Terrain ®, Wallaby™, Mangrove™ and the return of Night Sky®. ….A number of colours are being transitioned to the secondary colour palette and we are steadily reducing our stocks of Bushland®, Headland®, Loft®, Sandbank® and Wilderness® ….”