What do you know about the latest colorbond colours

What colours can you get for your colorbond roof?

Colorbond colours change fairly often

Bluescope changes the range of colorbond colours every now and then – and when they do so, these colours are available to all the roofing and guttering ‘rollformers’ (roofing manufacturing companies who use the Bluescope colorbond coil to produce roofing sheets , flashings and guttering.

It is best to go to the Colorbond website for the current colours and use their appearance application…

So, what is the latest in the colorbond colour world in 2024?

We have a video that looks at Colorbond colours – New and Old. Whilst it is important to know the new fashionable colours, it is also helpful to know what colours are now ‘NOT AVAILABLE’.

On the Bluescope colorbond site, you will find your choice of colours in the standard range. If you are using the ‘ultra’ colorbond roofing material, then there is also another page where a smaller range is found. Even stainless steel can come in colorbond colours. And fences get their own colour range. Some other manufacturers have their own range of colours – but they cannot call theirs ‘colorbond’ because this branding is owned by Bluescope. Ace Gutters produce their guttering in the standard colorbond range and also in a range of their own colours. For all the convenience of websites, the screen  resolution on your computer will not show the exact colours effectively. You will need to look at an actual colour sample and most roofers will carry samples with them that they can show you.

Colorbond wall cladding is showing up in a lot of modern buildings and these often use a colorbond ‘MATT’ finish. It is a ‘Premium’ finish – which just means that you pay more for ‘Matt Colorbond’. The color range is limited and it is not really suitable for general roofing.

Colorbond matt finish wall cladding in Monument colour
Colorbond matt finish wall cladding in Monument colour with standard finish ‘Ebony’ trim flashings

The Colorbond website currently offers a tool to visualise what the different colours will look on your type of roof.
Head over there if you want to explore this function. Bluescope Colorbond Visualiser


Jack the Roofer

Jack Yuen

Jack Yuen (Jack the Roofer) started roofing work in 1999 and have built a career in "roof repair expertise" on Sydney roofs. Jack is a leading voice on how roofs should build, maintained and repaired to provide the best outcomes for both roofers and property owners

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Phil verner
Phil verner
7 years ago


I’m looking at replacing my tile roof.

Looking for headland colorbond to match existing colorbond roof.

Do you have any headland colorbond or do you know anyone who has this.
Much appreciated.


Belinda Alicia Burgess
Belinda Alicia Burgess
2 years ago

Do you make a white not surf mist but a whiter white .

Jarrad smith
Jarrad smith
2 years ago

yep you can get signwhite and thredbo white