FAQ – What kind of skylights are best for my roof?

tubelights on a colorbond roof

Roof skylights comes in all sorts of configurations…

The gallery above shows some examples. Feel free to take a browse.

And all skylights have their characteristic problems. See the Dome skylights  HELP page on skylight problems.

We deal almost exclusively with Regent Skylights here in Lewisham, Inner western Sydney. You can click their link to see their extensive range. Most of our installations are new skylights to replace old ones – although sometimes we get to install new skylight kits which includes flexible light shafts and a ceiling diffuser. These are cheaper to install than the more traditional skylight with a separate timber or gyprock painted light shaft.


Here is an article from Scott at SkylightBrisbane.com.au about his skylights This is a Brisbane company, so they cannot help us in Sydney – but the information below is handy (and there is a link to their website also):

Install A Skylight With Your New Roof To Save Energy And Money!

Hi, I’m Scott Ryan and I’m a spend my days working up here in Queensland with Qld Skylights, we specialise in all sorts of natural lighting such as skylights, roof windows and other associated products. I thought I’de contribute to this site because many people who have their roof repaired or replaced miss the opportunity to install a skylight at the same time.

Roof repairs come along every now and then either owing to adverse weather conditions or just plain old age. When that time rolls back in, one thing you should consider is having some skylights installed while the roof is being repaired, restored or replaced. For many homeowners, lighting a house adequately always presents a daunting task, especially when the house does not have as many or as large windows as one would wish for. This tends to happen even more so because house designs do not always favour the addition of extra windows or other wall openings.

Another reason why lighting becomes a challenge is because of obstructions in the field of light entry. If it is a window at the back, there may be a tree that hampers the easy streaming of light into the room, or some other structure altogether. This does not have to be the end in itself because skylights offer just the solution you may need to add some light to some dark corners of your home.

What is a Skylight?

To get off on the right footing, a skylight is, to put it casually, is a hole in the roof that lets in light. Skylights are often installed when the roof is being installed or repaired owing to the fact that they require proper installation to ensure the skylight is integrated well with the adjacent roofing materials. Most of them are built using glass and aluminum as these two materials are both easy to install as well as weatherproof.

skylight-image-1As you can see from this image skylights your roofer will be able to install a skylight while he is working on your roof.
During the installation, the contractor will require you to determine where you want to have the skylight installed, the size, and shape of it. The installation process is fairly straightforward as the contractor will work with your roofing contractor to install the skylight in a manner that does not compromise the integrity of your roof but at the same time delivers the functionality you desire.

This picture shows a newly installed skylight doing what they do best – providing free natural light for a home!

Why install a skylight?

Skylights do one thing and they do it really well; they light up your home. Think of that dark corridor that can never quite get lit well even when you switch on the lights, or that room that has no natural light owing to its lay in the house. Installing a skylight brings the beauty of natural light into your home in a big way and transforms hitherto dark areas into outdoor-like areas awash with light.
Whether you are thinking of having some roofing work done or just desire to open up your home a little more to let some light in, skylights are an excellent way to add light and openness to your home.

So, if your roof is in need of some care and attention why not take the time to install a skylight and enjoy the natural light for years to come!

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