acrylic dome skylights

What kinds of skylights are best for your roof?

Roof skylights comes in all sorts of configurations…

1): Dome skylights

Dome skylight on metal roof
What a typical dome skylight on a metal roof looks like

The most common skylights are the plain rectangular dome skylights and they can have a plasterboard light shaft in the ceiling to let in light – or have a flexible light shaft that is not exposed. In this configuration (called ‘skytube kits), there is a n acrylic ceiling diffuser in the ceiling to produce a ‘fluorescent light panel’ effect.


2): TUBE LIGHT kits

Tubelight installation
What a typical tubelight installation looks like

For those dark hallways, kitchens, wardrobes and toilets, a tubelight kit brings diffused daylight into the house.


3): VELUX Skylights

Velux skylight on swiss tile roof
What a typical Velux skylight on a swiss tile roof looks like

And all Velux skylights shown above are highly engineered and comes in a multitude of options. Velux uses more expensive flat double glazed glass instead of the acrylic domes.

These are ‘fancy’ skylights – but they are more prone to developing leaks.

The Key is in the installation.

All the different types of skylights on the market work as designed.

The only difference is in the installation. A correct installation provides light and does not let rainwater in.  If the installer is inexperienced, both light and rainwater is guaranteed to get into the house…




Jack the Roofer

Jack Yuen

Jack Yuen (Jack the Roofer) started roofing work in 1999 and have built a career in "roof repair expertise" on Sydney roofs. Jack is a leading voice on how roofs should build, maintained and repaired to provide the best outcomes for both roofers and property owners

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