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The Google map above shows roughly my coverage area – split up into 7 zones.

  1. Zone 1: I live in Strathfield, so I like to do most of my work in this zone (the green zone).
  2. Zone 2: Several of my roofers live around the eastern suburb beaches (the blue zone) – They can do roof inspections and roof repair work for me in this zone.
  3. Zone 3: The lower northern suburbs. The purple zone is still handy for me or my roofers to travel to and we have done a lot of work in this area.
  4. Zone 4: The Hills district. I can stretch my self to do the bulk of the roof inspections in this zone – and my roofers start their day at Strathfield anyway. So, this area is within our reach.
  5. Zone 5: Sydney west. The pink zone gets our attention also because it is still quite easy for us to get to.
  6. Zone 6: The Shire. The orange zone is usually served by by their local tradies (since they think of themselves as a separate part of Sydney). But when the local roofers fail, we are called in to help. And we are happy to…
  7. Zone 7: The rest of Sydney is in our black zone. We will resist most enticements to travel to these regions because of the punitive travel times. Occasionally, we relent…

We cover most of Sydney – so hopefully you live in the zones one to six and we can come out and help you with your roof problems.



2 responses to “FAQ – Which suburbs of Sydney does your roofing services cover?”

  1. Pil 0412 032 770 says:

    Hi Jack,
    Great informative page you have here.
    I am looking to replace my parent’s existing (terracotta? approaching 100 years old) roof tiles and switching to a colorbond roof, gutters and down pipes. full brick single storey home. problem is they are in normanhurst (near hornsby) which may be a bit far from you. If you could quote/take on this job that would be great but you mention “Ron” from Artarmon. If you recommend him, i think i’d be happy to go on your recommendation.

  2. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Pil,

    Ron no longer works in the roofing business. He has sold The Roofing Professionals Eastside to : Boris Despot and …
    The Roofing Professionals Northside to : Brad Butcher.
    You can contact Brad for your needs.
    His contact details are on his website:



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