How much is a roof repair in Sydney?

Roof repair costs in Sydney will vary according to the scope of work

“Can you fix my leaking roof…and How much will it cost me?”

Every time it rains, I get this question. Most people want some idea of the cost of fixing a problem before they commit. So, asking about roof repairs costs is a natural thing.

The answer to the first part of the question is easy. We can  repair any roof leak that you can throw at us.

The second part of the question is a bit harder to offer a firm answer for. And that is why we offer an obligation free roof inspection – so that we can give you a firm quote for your roof repair. You will then know exactly how much your roof repairs will cost you.

And the most important part of this fixed price quote is your guarantee of a roof repair with a 7 year warranty.

Why it is impossible to provide roof repairs costs over the phone?

Because, how much to repair a roof leak in Sydney depends on a whole range of factors:

When I get onto a leaking roof,  I often find simple problems like cracked roof tiles, cracks in flashings or rust holes causing the roof leaks. I can often replace a roof tile or repair it, and I can also patch cracks and holes during the inspection. My nominal charge for an easy on the spot repair is about $400.

This roof repair cost assumes that we do not have to  cover this repair with our 7 year warranty.

If you need a guaranteed roof repair, that requires me to provide you with a fixed price price quote and then organise a team of roofers to return to do the repair job.

A small repair job by a team of roofers would start from about $1,000.

Anything more complex will cost more.

Because all our quoted roof repair jobs are guaranteed for 7 years, the quoted price includes for any warranty work – since some leaks may take multiple attempts to eliminate.