repair broken roof tile

If you don’t have any spares – can you repair a broken roof tile?

If you have a tiled roof – then sooner or later, you will have a broken roof tile. As a rule, tile roofers in Sydney leave behind spare roof tiles on every roof that they do. So, if this is the case, then you can simply change the roof tile.

But older roofs and even some of the newer roofs don’t have a stack of spare roof tiles stored in a corner. So, what happens if you get a cracked roof tile?

silicone repair on terracotta roof tiles
These types of silicone repair work are NOT 100% effective

In a pinch, a properly executed silicone repair can be effective as a temporary (or even permanent) solution to this problem. However, I have seen so many broken roof tiles repaired with silicone and still leak. This is because the roof repairer did not know the basics of how a roof tile function.

Most unsuccessful roof tile repairs are done without removal of the broken tile. This means that the visible crack is siliconed up but the all important drainage course that is hidden under the lap is left broken and un-sealed. This means that while the roof tile does not leak as bad – it still leaks.

It is critical that the full width of the roof tile is repaired – not just the exposed portion. If done correctly, the repair will be serviceable for a long time. It may not look great – but it is effective.

or more details check out the videos below:

Older video of repairing cracked roof tile below:


Jack the Roofer

Jack Yuen

Jack Yuen (Jack the Roofer) started roofing work in 1999 and have built a career in "roof repair expertise" on Sydney roofs. Jack is a leading voice on how roofs should build, maintained and repaired to provide the best outcomes for both roofers and property owners

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10 years ago

Hi how can you tell the difference between a tile that’s been broken from the inside rather then the outside? Why i ask is that my wife says that the tiles on the roof where broken from the inside not the outside, how can i know if this is true. Do you have pictures that you could show me the difference between standing on a tile and cracking it and a broken tile that’s been damaged from the inside. I’m finding this quite confusing, could you shine some light on this being a professional thanks toni.

Rose Lica
Rose Lica
9 years ago

Hi Jack My name is Rose and I am inquiring if you do insurance work? Could you please email me if you do thank you. Your utube videos are very informative you have a lot of knowledge. Our home is federation built 1920’s and we have terracotta roof tiles.
Thank you
Kind Regards

Bob Ingram
Bob Ingram
9 years ago

Hello Jack. I live in Phoenix Arizona on a golf course….my home is hit monthly with golf balls, I agree, a good tube of silicone calk is my roofs best friend, really easy to use, simple and solves the problem. Just today was on roof, silicone repairs I did 5 years ago look great, still holding, even in 120 degree temps…