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Six New Colorbond colours soon to arrive…

6 new colorbond colours

6 new colorbond colours

Bluescope is now busy making Colorbond in the 6 new colours (called contemporary).

The new coils will start arriving at rollformers (factories making the colorbond roofing and walling products) and some rollformers will have the new colours available for order from the first week of December 2013.

If you are getting a colorbond roof installed soon and want to see if the new colours better suit your taste. check them out above.

…or you can check out the colorbond site below and watch the video about what inspired the new colours.

 Is there an improvement with the new colours?

Yes, all new colorbond will be produced on the New Generation Zincalume which now adds another 6 years to the life of colorbond steel. Check out details on my blog post “ZINCALUME® steel AM125 – the new standard for metal roofs”


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