The best tool for turning down kliplok profile roof sheets

We know the importance of turning down the ends of kliplok roof sheets.

And like everything in life, the right tools makes the job easier and produces a better finish.

Sadly, the standard tool that we buy to turn down the ends of kliplok sheets is a disappointment and produces a sub standard result. It is even dangerous because it slips prematurely.

And for a while, we have resorted to using the trimdek tool to do turndowns on kliplok sheets.

Even though the trimdek tool is designed for a narrower pan and we had to perform two lapping actions to complete a turn down.

Then my guys discovered a neat little trick.

If you reverse the trimdek tool and use the turnup end of the tool to perform the turn down – it produces a perfect result.

We can now throw the standard kliplok turndown tool away and just carry the more versatile trimdek tool in our tool boxes.

Just a note that the trimdek also has an integrated  corrugated sheeting turnup jaw

How to find a half decent roofer in Sydney

Roofers in Sydney can be very hard to find

… especially after a huge storm has hit.

ANZAC hailstonesSydney had the wettest April for over a decade and also a massive hailstorm that hit the inner west suburbs. For a lot of residents in western Sydney, the hail caused massive roof problems with storm overflow leakage. The ice was so thick in some areas that it took days to melt.


Demand exceeds supply after a decent deluge and it can be impossible to find a roofer to fix a leaking roof in a hurry. It will take a lot of Google searches and ringing around to find a roof repairer who is able to come out to take a look at your leak.

And when you do get  a roofer out:

How can you find out if he is a half decent roofer?

You take a car out for a ‘test drive’. You can go to a home display to check out appliances, fittings and furniture schemes. But when it comes to your roof, I bet that you have not climbed all over it and have a decent knowledge of its details.

And most people would not climb onto their roof or have much reason to study roof design.

So, when a roofer comes out and tells you what is wrong with your roof, do you just take his word or do you try to get a second opinion? And if the second opinion is from second (or third) roofer, it may be difficult to get if the demand is high.

I have been looking at leaking roofs since the Sydney Olympics in 2000.  I have made many mistakes and seen the many mistakes that other roofers have made on roofs. I admit that I am a lot wiser now – but I am severely limited in my time and I only get to see a small portion of roof problems in Sydney. Most home owners will be using other roofers out there to do their roof repair work for them. I am simply too busy.

The trick is to find someone half decent.

That is why I am loading my website up with the best roof repair information that you can find on the internet. If I can’t be there to check out your roof problems, at least I can help you to get a little bit ‘knowledged up’

You see, the only way to see if the roofer who turns up to climb on your roof and gives you his report is ‘half-decent’….. is to know a bit about the problem (without letting on). Just act dumb and let they talk.

Meanwhile, the little bit of knowledge that you get on this website will enable you to ‘smell a rat’ when it happens.

There are plenty of good roofers out there in Sydney. You just need the information to help you find a half decent one…