What to do if the ceiling is leaking?

How to cope with a leaking ceiling?

  1. Don’t stress. It is quite easy to limit the damages.
  2. Catch the water. Grab a water container and catch the water drips. Once you have caught the water, it will do no further damage.
  3. Use towels: You will need some towels to soak up what is already on the floor and to catch the splashes.
  4. Save the ceiling. Find the lowest spot on the ceiling where it is dripping and poke a small hole through the ceiling. This will make it easier to catch the water and stop water from pooling on top of the ceiling.

Eventually, the rain will stop and you can find a roofer to fix the leak (no rush – because roofers are always busy after it stops raining)).

You can try the SES – but they will take a while to get to you and if they throw a tarpaulin over your roof – they can cause more damage to your roof.

The reason people stress out when the ceiling is leaking is just the thought of the damage. If you can just let the rainwater pass through the ceiling and have a container to catch it under the ceiling – then there will be a minimum of damage.

Just go with the flow – not against it.

The best tool for turning down kliplok profile roof sheets

We know the importance of turning down the ends of kliplok roof sheets.

And like everything in life, the right tools makes the job easier and produces a better finish.

Sadly, the standard tool that we buy to turn down the ends of kliplok sheets is a disappointment and produces a sub standard result. It is even dangerous because it slips prematurely.

And for a while, we have resorted to using the trimdek tool to do turndowns on kliplok sheets.

Even though the trimdek tool is designed for a narrower pan and we had to perform two lapping actions to complete a turn down.

Then my guys discovered a neat little trick.

If you reverse the trimdek tool and use the turnup end of the tool to perform the turn down – it produces a perfect result.

We can now throw the standard kliplok turndown tool away and just carry the more versatile trimdek tool in our tool boxes.

Just a note that the trimdek also has an integrated  corrugated sheeting turnup jaw