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Why the need for online reviews?

I don’t know about you, but I personally reach out for reviews whenever I plan to but anything substantial. And the internal makes it so easy….

The roofing repair and restoration business in Sydney is much like all the trades and service industries through out the world. A handful of good ones and many that you would not go back to EVER again!

So, if you have come this far in your search, then you will want to see if we are any good as Sydney roofers……

I ditched Yellow pages (the bricks in book form) many years ago and I did not like their on line version called Yellow pages on line. The main reason for this was because Yellow pages in Sydney is just way behind the times. Consumers do not just want to look at a listing – they want to see more about what other people say about the business. They want reviews and Yellow pages did not offer this.

So, I went to “True Local” instead because they offered a feedback function on their listing service.

I have been gathering client testimonials since I seriously became a Sydney roofer – and in the first days, these were all on paper feedback forms. The internet changed all this and on line feedback made the paper forms redundant.

So, reviews first appearing on “True Local” in 2010. The Roofing Professionals Westside listing in True Local contains a collection of these earlier user reviews. If you have the time, you can check out these by going to this website:

Nowadays, I am pointing my clients to leave their roofing reviews either directly on this page or just a LIKE on our facebook page – It all make it easier for my prospects to do their own research because it puts all the current reviews for the Roofing Professionals westside in one place…..


38 responses to “Reviews”

  1. Jack Yuen says:

    This is where visitors and clients can leave comments, reviews or replies on this roofing website.

    ….and I am growing quite a thick skin – so feel free to say what you please.

    Feedback is important. That is the best way that we can get ideas on how to improve our roofing services.

    And genuine client reviews will help a visitor to this website make a more informed decision about who to contact to solve their roof problems in Sydney.

    …Thanking you in advance.

  2. denis says:

    A leaky roof.
    With all the rain,we developed a leak in our tile roof.Tried to locate someone locally,and came across this really well made video on the internet.The only problem was they were located in strathfield,and we live in sydney outer west and thought it would be to costly for them to travel.We decided to contact to see if they could offer any firms out our way who may be able to help.
    Jack yuen contacted us via email to make an appointment to say he would be able to come and have a look at our leak in roof.He had other calls to make out this way.
    Jack arrived on the day and time agreed ,his vehicle arrived he removed his ladder of his vehicle. And proceeded to go onto roof located broken tile and replaced it.
    I would recommend jack and company with any roofing problems Jack was very professional ,likeable a good tradesman,courteous punctual and fair he was so quick he did not charge.At least if you have a roof problem you can contact jack and he may be able to help to.

  3. Roger says:

    We contacted Jack when needing to replace, our 108 year old bullnose , verandah roof. At all times he was a pleasure to do business with, he arrived promptly to give a quote, & the work was carried out professionally and well.
    Despite extremely wet weather which delayed all outdoor work Jack stayed in touch to keep us up to date with when he expected the work to start.
    The removal of the old roof and installation of the new one was done efficiently and the area left clean and safe.
    We recommend Jack and his team to anyone needing their skills and expertise.

  4. Theo says:

    I had Jack come out look at a leaking roof for me… The nature of leaks is hard to find especially on colour bond roofs… Where the leak appears is not necessarily where it is coming from… Jack had no issue on tracking the leak source…Jack was very easy to deal with and more importantly knows what he is doing… He educated me how the roofing structure works… Best tradesman I have ever dealt with…

  5. Blanche says:

    We found Jack and his team great to work with. The whole process was extremely easy – from the process of getting a quote to the actual work being done. Jack was also really happy to answer all of our questions about the work and always got back to us very quickly when we called him. It was one the things we’ve had done around the house that caused us the least amount of hassle!

  6. Greg says:

    We needed our old tile roof replaced. I did my research, sought quotes from around a dozen roofing companies and finally picked The Roofing Professional. They were neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, but in my dealings with Jack during this time I found him to respond quickly to my questions, keep me informed, and generally come across as professional. This attitude and obvious passion for his trade was evident in his tradesmen too. Indeed, they were a polite and coniderate bunch who worked hard the entire time. The outcome itself was marvellous. I have those kind of colorbond moments they show on tv. I really recommend Jack and his team!

  7. Nicole says:

    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jack and his team. I’ve used Jack twice now – firstly to fix the tricky box gutter on my house and then to replace the fascia boards. He is an absolute professional who takes the quality of his work very seriously – It’s rare to find a tradesman with such qualities. The work he did on my house was absolutely amazing and beyond all my expectations.

  8. kenny T says:

    Could not decide whether to restore my old tile roof or to go for a new roof. Jack came in one day, on time as he promised, and gave a thorough inspection on my roof. I took his advice and went for a new colourbond roof. During the past three months since I had my new roof, there were storms, hail, gusty winds and up to 33 degree heat. My roof stood up beautifully. My house stayed cool during the hot days, wasn’t too noisy during the storm, (some may worry that the metal roof is too noisy), I did not regret a moment at all listening to Jack.
    Jack is very knowledgeable, honest, friendly and very patient in listening and answering my questions. I will certainly recommend him to anybody who wants some advice too.
    Though I’d never met his team, the boys certainly did a good job. They came to work on my roof while I was away at work. By the time I came home, they had already left with my house always kept clean.

  9. Sean says:

    Great advice from Jack, a very helpful guy

  10. jackyuen says:

    It is great when a client receives a good experience from one of our roofing crews.
    Even better if she nominates one of them for an award… A Pride of Workmanship Award for a roofer.

  11. Victoria says:

    Roofing Professionals did a fabulous job. The fellows that conducted the works were extremely polite, courteous and had a lovely sense of humour. I would highly recommend them…

  12. Simon says:

    Hi Jack,
    I’m wanting to construct a new patio out the back, Do you do new installations?

  13. jackyuen says:


    We ONLY specialise in roof repairs and colorbond roof replacements in Western (and southern) Sydney.
    We are not much good at building new patios and carports – so we leave this to those who specialise in these. Try Googling carports and patios.

    All the best.


  14. Irina says:

    Hi Jack,

    Can you recommend anyone in Canberra?


  15. jackyuen says:

    Sorry Irina,

    Since I only do roof repairs in Sydney’s inner and western suburbs, I have no reliable roofing contacts in Canberra.


  16. Bjorn says:

    We had a leak with water running down our bedroom wall for quite a while but it was proving to be tricky to locate the source of the leak as it only happened now and then, when the rain and wind blew a certain way. After several attempts to locate the problem, we finally gave up trying and called Jack, who arrived promptly on the same day and fixed the problem within 30 minutes.

    To our amazement, when we tried to pay Jack, he told us to wait for a period of time and then call him when we were sure that he had actually fixed the problem, after which he would send us his invoice and we could pay him, which was a great surprise and certainly earned our respect for him.

    It is now many weeks later and he has indeed fixed the problem so we have no hesitation in calling upon him again or recommending him if anyone needs an honest, knowledgeable and reliable roofing expert.

  17. jackyuen says:

    Thanks Lynn,

    Since we do a lot of roof repairs, we have quite an arsenal of knowledge about causes of the roof leaks and how to fix them. We often get it right the first time – just like yours.

    But every now and then, we still miss on the first go and have to return to look for other causes.

    Jack Yuen

  18. Fiona Jackson says:

    We chose this company after quite a bit of online research. Geoff and the team were friendly and considerate, very professional and worked diligently, and the house was tidy each evening when they left. The quality of their work was excellent and I would definitely use them again if needed. Highly recommended.

  19. jackyuen says:

    Thanks for the feedback Fiona,
    Geoff and his crew have been repairing and replacing roofs in Sydney for a while now and they have learnt how important a professional attitude and respect for a client’s property is to the overall success of a job.
    I will let him know that his standard of excellence has been appreciated.

    Jack Yuen

  20. Kathryn K. says:

    I am delighted with the work done by The Roofing Professionals (Westside). They gave me a very reasonable quote for the job, and they finished the work promptly. This was in the busy period leading up to Christmas, and in the wake of a major, widespread storm; so I was surprised and pleased to have the work done quickly and for a good price. Since the work was done — it was the replacement of a box gutter — there have been several episodes of extremely heavy rain, and the roof/gutter have not leaked at all. This is after years of having water run down the interior walls, in heavy rain. Oh, it is worth noting that Jack and his team worked on the roof in extremely hot and humid conditions, for long stretches of time. With a cheerful attitude.

  21. Edward Nickson says:

    I cannot recommend Jack and The Roofing Professionals (Westside) highly enough. Jack came to inspect my leaky roof and provide a quote during a busy time of the year, but instead found the time to fix the problem there and then. He then asked us to take as long as needed to confirm the problem was fixed before issuing us an invoice. The repair work was impeccable. I will be recommending him and The Roofing Professionals (Westside) to everyone I know.

  22. Angela says:

    Hi Jack, we need roof ventilator for our house and I dislike the look of the traditional whirlybird. Then I found the Universal Tile Ventilator from the web and that you have installed one for your client years ago. Do you do this often nowadays? What is your view on this new style roof ventilator? Is it more or less expensive than installing whirlybird? Thanks for your advice in advance.

  23. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Angela,

    The universal tile ventilator pair is easier to put in than a whirlybird system (whirly bird plus two eaves vents per ventilator). Depending on the layout of the eaves, eaves vents can take a bit of work to install – even taking more time that just putting the whirlybird in. Installed costs can be the same as for a whirlybird system.
    I am not sure which system is more effective in venting the attic space because I have not done my own testing…
    We do not do whirlybird installations much because we concentrate of just roof repairs and colorbond replacement roofs.

    Hope this helps,


  24. Gareth says:

    I had a polycarbonate roof that needed a solution. It was noisy when it rained and allowed too much heat into the house on hot days. It also leaked a little when dealing with heavy rain.
    I stumbled upon Jack’s website and was impressed by the tutorials and advice blogs.
    Jack returned my email promptly and offered guidance throughout the process.

    Jack came out earlier than expected and provided us with multiple solutions at varying simplicity and pricing.
    The roof was fixed with a smart solution.
    No more leaks , noise, nor excessive heat!

    Thank you Jack!


  25. Andrew says:

    It’s all been said in previous comments but bloody good work by bloody good blokes! Fair price and going above and beyond what was needed.
    Result? brand new roof that looks and works great. Bring on the rain.

  26. John Henderson says:

    Jack came to fix a leak we’d had on our steep roof. It appeared to be fixed OK, however quite some time later there was a continuing very minor leak in the same area. Jack fixed it and I asked how much, Jack said he didn’t want paying, it was obviously a leftover problem from the first time he came. I was truly amazed at this honesty. Jack’s work is top notch and he’s really quite a decent fellow. I wish him well and thank him for the quality of his work and for being so pleasant to interact with.

  27. Jen says:

    Hi jack, I had to remove a large exterior shade structure from the back of my hiuse since the wooden supports it was Resting in had rotted. Now my upstairs window is more exposed to the sun and the elements. The back of my house only has a flat roof with no overhanging eaves- and judging my how it it gets up there in summer/ v little insulation. The builder who removed the outside shade louvred suggested awnings to protect the window – but looking in line I find awnings always look a bit tacky . I’m wondering whether you can assess possibility of installing additional roofing to provide an overhang ? And provide Advice on insulation? Also, advice on solar panels – I’ve heard they can act as ‘insukatiin’ On a flat roof as well as serving to reduce energy bills.

  28. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Jen,

    Please go to my ‘contact’ page and fill in an enquiry form.
    I will get your details and respond.



  29. Thanh Nguyen says:

    Jack you legend.

    Thank you so much for fixing the leaks (valley + skylight) and then a few months later the veranda due to Dec 2018 Hail storm.

    Jack and team response quickly and professionally. I am very happy with the services provided on both instances and will definitely will contact you again for any other work.

    Kind Regards
    Thanh Nguyen

  30. Maria says:

    Top service, full explanation of repairs needed. The quote was clear and fair. Jack and his team worked tirelessly to make repairs on my roof, poor blokes had the hottest days in summer to do it but no fuss and no worries.
    I found the website to be informative and the reviews did help with my decision.
    I highly recommend The Roofing Professionals (Westside), Jack and his team are courteous workers. Thank you Jack.

  31. Wendy says:

    I had Jack come out and take a look at our leaking chimney, skylight and terracotta tiled roof in the sitting room. The skylight and sitting room had been leaking on and off for years and had many a roofing “expert” come out and try to fix. Jack was true to his word and came out when he said he would, quickly identified the issues, showing me the pictures he had taken on his phone of the problem areas and provided a reasonable quote.

    The flashing around the skylight was missing a small piece of timber support (which no one had picked up before!) which meant the weight of the water from the rain allowed the flashing to “droop” and backflow into the roof I was blown away with his ability to identify the problem.

    His team came out and fixed the problems when they said they would. I didn’t even need to be home. The fixes have now been in place for the last 6 months and with all the heavy rains we have been getting lately….not one single drop of water inside the house. Thanks Jack!!!

  32. Teresa Chiu says:

    Hi Jack,

    I have leaking roof and brown stains on ceiling. I live in Doncaster, Victoria (eastern suburb of Melbourne). Can you recommend some reliable roofers who serve that area?



  33. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Sorry, we work exclusively in Sydney and I don’t have any reliable contacts in Victoria.


  34. Michael says:

    When Jack quotes for work and says he guarantees that the leak will be fixed he really means it. We had a small but annoying leak in our bedroom whenever it rained heavily for a long period. Jack’s crew came out and replaced a bunch of tiles on our roof, but the next time we had heavy rain the drip returned – but so did Jack’s workman, replacing more tiles. That still didn’t solve the leak, so Jack’s guys came out again and fixed the roof capping. We’ve just had two days of torrential rain and no leak – so it looks like job done. I was very impressed that Jack honoured his commitment to keep coming back until the leak was resolved, all for no extra cost to the original quote. Thank you.

  35. Mark Dormer says:

    We had a leak in our colorbond roof. Found this page and called, got a quote, had the job done.
    Very happy with both the price and the job. We have had heavy rain since and no leak. What more can you ask for?

  36. Vee says:

    We have an enclosed patio. With two doors that can be opened plus a metre wide window that also can be opened
    It stills get veryhot in the summer
    Has a colour bond roof. With a couple of clear panels for light also an air conditioner that gives of warm air out onto the patio. Was wondering if a whirly bird or two would help

  37. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Vee,

    The first thing to do is to stop the air conditioner blowing hot air into the patio. Then change the clear panels to a coloured panels to limit the amount of heat transmission.
    Whirly birds may help slightly – but in the winter time, it will make the patio very cold.

    Hope this helps.


  38. John Henderson says:

    We have been using Jack for a few years now to fix hard roofy problems. Jack is such a decent chap and, just as importantly, does a very good job. Absolutely recommend him and the gang for roof work,

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