Roof maintenance and how it affects your house insurance

“…unfortunately the roof repairs are not storm related and are maintenance.”

I do not work for insurance companies.

But I deal with a lot of roof storm damage claims – mostly the ones that are rejected by insurance companies.

The quote above typically describes why the insurance claim is rejected.

My advice to home owners is to submit an insurance claim if a storm has caused water ingress into the house and caused internal damage. A home owner will stand a good chance of insurance coverage to repair all the internal damage – since these are all the result of a storm event.

Mostly, any internal damage will be repaired by the insurance company under the claim. It is the roof repair work that is usually challenged by the insurance companies.

If the insurance company sends out their assessor, this person will assess the internal damage and also do a roof inspection to see what caused the leak. This is where problems will arise. The assessor will often state that there is no storm damage to the roof … and that the leakage problems have been caused by lack of roof maintenance.

Some insurance companies even go as far as saying that since the leaking and subsequent damage is because the roof has not be maintained properly, the whole claim is rejected. They will not even do the repair to the internal damage!

So, what exactly is roof maintenance?

It is easier to describe what is NOT roof maintenance and under these circumstances, the insurance companies will classify these as storm events:

  • Hail related events where roof damage is caused by hail stone damage;
  • winds blowing debris onto roofs and breaking roof tiles;
  • High winds blowing roof off;

… Anything else can be classified as ‘roof maintenance issues’ and give the insurance companies grounds for rejection of the claim.

Some examples of roof maintenance issues are:

  • blocked gutters:
  • rusty roof or rusty gutters;
  • blocked flashings;
  • leaves and debris on roofs (see video below);

Other roofing problems that are due to faulty installation of design are also lumped into the ‘roof maintenance’ category:

  • Pitch of roof too low;
  • flashings not installed correctly;
  • box gutters not big enough;

What is the solution?

It is not smart to have insurance and know that your roof has maintenance issues.

Regular cleaning can stop water leaks.

Rusty components should be replaced.

If your roof has installation or design problems, then a good roofer should be engaged to get them repaired.