Sydney Roof Repairs 2024
Roof repairs in Sydney is under rapid change

Roof repairs in Sydney have changed a lot in the last two decades

and this change is accelerating in line with advancing technology.

In 2024, searching for the right roofer to repair a leaking roof is a lot different to what it was – even 10 years ago. We now have so many different options for search since the demise of The Yellow Pages.

But MORE is definitely not BETTER.

Even though it is easier to do a search – it has become harder to separate the good from the bad roofers. There are a lot more independant roof repairers operating in the Sydney roof repair scene – but 80% of them do not get the necessary training to produce good work.

This means expensive ‘Hit & Miss’ hires by Sydney property owners when their roof starts leaking. If it takes hiring more than one roofing contractor to repair just one roof leak, the cost of roof repairs gets expensive.

The Future of Search:

Searching for information has become interesting under the recent influence of Artificial Intelligence and the demise of traditional media.

More people are now searching for their products and services through social media. Pictures and video have killed words.

Moving forward, we will be using our own personal intelligence assistant to help us navigate our ever expanding world. We have seen the rapid progression of the Large Language Models which can use written works to devastating effect when ESSAYS are needed. However, these still need text input.

But our future personal assistant (another phone upgrade!) will be trained on voice, images and video. Everything you want with the swipe of a finger or your voice commands.

Jack the Roofer may be getting old, but he intends to be around the roof repair game for a long time yet.

He happened to discover video as a tool that can be of benefit for a lot of people – over a dozen years ago. That was LUCK.

Video has kept The Roofing Professionals Westside relevant to a lot of Sydney homeowners. And this happens to be the source of much of Jack’s current roof repair work.

…Not the traditional key word based Google search – which is now, an ad-centric shambles to navigate.

Roof repairs 2024 and beyond:

Sydney is usually the forerunner of change. And this means that what is happening here is (and will be) applicable to the rest of Australia.

Jack the Roofer believes that the challenge for the Australian Roof repair industry is the same challenge facing the rest of the Australian Building Industry.

Too many players with too little training.

Properly trained roofers will thrive in a culture of quality work that past generation ‘TRADESMEN’ used to take pride in providing. We have to INVEST in our future workers – to reveal the benefits that will far outweigh the investment cost.

So that instead of getting a 20% hit rate of getting a good roofer, it will be the other way around.

80% of roofers out there will be GOOD!

…There will always be that other 20% – that’s life…

The Roof repairs Sydney 2024 VIDEO below:

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