Did you know that the QUALITY of your roof inspection determines the cost of any roof repairs?

Having spent nearly a quarter of a century looking at roofs, Jack the Roofer at The Roofing Professionals Westside has observed some shocking insights about roofers in Sydney.

Roof inspection to repair tile roof leak
When an HONEST roof inspection can save a homeowner lots of dollars

The generic Roof Inspection report specialists:

If you have seen a pre-purchase building report that cost a few hundred dollars, then you can imagine what a generic roof inspection report will look like…

There is a list of common roof problems. And these reports will contain typical descriptions of these problems and how they relate to the roof under inspection.
Extensive use of ‘copy & paste’, and nice pictures for illustration help format the generic report into a meaty pdf.

The perceived ‘thoroughness’ of the report is only to serve the self interest of the report creator – since it is always better to include all contingencies then make valued judgements of what is important.
When it comes to the eventual cost of the recommended roof repairs – the roof inspector has ‘no skin in the game’.
Instead, it is up to the homeowner to shoulder the responsibility of determining the relative importance of the ‘defects’ and its resolution.

Much like going to the doctor to get a ‘physical’ – when what you really want is to figure why you have this constant migraine, There is no real sense to get a roofing report when you either have no roof problems or have a specific roof problem..

The Insurance company roof Inspection report:

Home insurance is big business and they have major building partners to service their storm damage claims.

The builders who partner with the insurance companies also have their own dedicated trade teams. There are also specialised inspection teams and if the claim is mainly roof related, then they have their own roof inspectors who make the insurance assessments.

It is important to understand whose interests the various parties support. The roof inspection report will be biased towards finding that the storm damage with the roof is not attributed to the storm event – but is a roof maintenance issue. It will also point out outer roof issues that are not related to the storm damage that needs repair work done – before any insurance covered repairs are carried out.

This means more costs for the homeowner.

The hi-tech roof inspections:

Much like the generic roof inspections, all potential roof problems will be identified. The important ones tend to be missed.

The ‘Return on Investment’ roof inspections:

It is an expensive exercise to perform a roof inspection. Most roof inspections in Sydney start off as ‘free’ roof repair quotes by roofers with different agendas.

Initially, there is the marketing cost to get a lead to book in a roof inspection. Then there is the physical cost to sent a roofer out. Then there is the administration cost. So, when that roofer sets foot on your roof, there is already a large ‘sunk cost’ expended already.

If you ever thought why your roof is suddenly in dire straits after the roofer got off your roof (when it was only a minor leak only) – then this explains why. A small job is a negative Return On Investment.

There is a conspiracy theory going around that some roofers deliberately move a couple of things to make the roof condition worse – to justify a major roof repair. But that may be just an ‘Urban myth’.

The HONEST roof inspections:

There are some honest roofers out there who tell it as they see it. It may generate a negative Return On Investment on a simple roof repair – but there are other roofs where they will make up the shortfall.

And where will you find these HONEST roofers in Sydney?

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