Sydney Roof Repairs Specialists and roof replacements

We specialise in repairing and replacing roofs in Sydney

We specialise in repairing and replacing roofs in Sydney

Looking for roof repairs in Sydney?

Every single property in Sydney has a roof and there are more new ones being laid every day.

You can be quite certain that we are not responsible for any new roofs out there (although there are always exceptions to the rule)…

We do not build new roofs nor do we lay them. There are hundreds of teams of roofers in Sydney who just do new roofs – and we are not one of them.

But if your roof is leaking or it is old and need replacement – then you have found the right guys.

We like the challenge of tracking down the causes of roof leaks and then working out the best way to eliminate those causes to give property owners welcome relief to a problem that they may have endured for many years.

During the years that we have been performing Sydney roof repairs, we have come across so many unique stories about leaking roofs that we can write several books about it.

We have come across some pretty shocking (both old and new) roofs that have been badly knocked together by so called roofers… (perhaps this is totally unfair to the good roofers out there – because we only get called out to look at problem roofs. Good roofs do not leak).

I tell my roofers that our job is not to put those brand new roofs up – but to wait for the roof leaks to turn up… after a few bouts of heavy rain, and then go in to find out what went wrong and fix it.

We have had to remove new roofs and replace them with the correct roofs – just because that is the only way to eliminate the roof leaks that happen when a roof is installed incorrectly.

So, roof replacement and roof repairs tend to go ‘hand in hand’. And this is all what we do…

…Specialising in colorbond roof replacements.

Due to our history and background, we are TOTALLY BIASED towards the modern Colorbond roofs. We think that colorbond is more versatile than the old tiled roofs and looks better. There are some instances where roof tiles were totally the wrong choice for roofing material and a metal roof should have been used instead. I have a post on the colorbond metal roof vs tile roof debate that throw some light on this issue.

That is why we will only replace existing roofs with colorbond metal roofs. We do NOT generally replace tiled roof with new tiles. So, unless you want to replace your tile roof with a modern colorbond roof, then we are probably not the right guys you should be contacting…

Box Gutters and skylights repair and replacements.

There are many guttering companies in Sydney who do a good job with replacing your house gutters. It is NOT our specialty- although we sometimes replace gutters and downpipes in conjunction with the other work that we specialise in.

Box gutters are a bit different. Guttering companies do not do much box gutter replacement work – BUT we do. Replacing box gutters can be a complicated process of removing roofs and flashings to get to the box gutter. That is why we like doing them. I have a separate page where you can find out more about box gutters.

A lot of skylights in Sydney leak and they sometimes need to be replaced correctly. We now find that we are pretty good at skylight replacements also. Leaking skylights are commonly caused by leaf blockages or failed sealants and if you have a leaking skylight, go to my skylight page to get some ideas.



What we do.


What we DON’T do

  • Roof restoration (AKA roof painting)
  • Roof framing
  • New roofs (there are some exceptions for special clients)
  • Replace old tile roof with new tile roof (also some limited exceptions)
  • Replace common house gutters and down pipes
  • Work to unit blocks more than 2 stories high
  • Remove asbestos roofs
  • Any sort of membrane roof work
  • Roof painting
  • Install whirly birds


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  1. Suneetha says:

    We have a tiled roof, Its leaking, My husband got up and checked but
    we could not find the gap where the water coming from. We have solar panels
    fitted on the roof, And water is leaking from behind those tiles.So issue
    could be underneath it where we cant access to that due to solar panels

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