How much to replace a tile (or metal) roof with Colorbond metal in Sydney?

The time will come when you will need someone to replace your roof …. and most people thinking of replacing their old roofs with a colorbond or tile roof have no idea of the ‘ballpark’ cost.
So, they keep putting it off because they cannot budget for it.
The other question on their minds is: “Do I get my roof replaced with colorbond metal or do I just want new roof tiles?”

Colorbond Vs tile roofs – which is better?

It is a bit like choosing between the Liberal or the Labour party.
You have two camps pushing their own agenda and a bit of ‘fake news’ clouding the real issues between the two major roofing materials.
I am admitting my bias towards colorbond as a more versatile roofing material and to read more about why I think so, check out my page:
Colorbond vs tile roofs in Sydney. Which one is better?

Why replace a tile roof with a colorbond roof?

replacing tile roof with colorbond roof
Upgrade both the looks and function of an old tiled roof with a new colorbond roof

We replace a lot of tile roofs with colorbond roofs – as well as replacing old metal roofs new colorbond roofs.

To see some more examples of roof replacements in Sydney that we have done, go to this page

Why does a roof need to be replaced?

The first reason is simple:
When your roof is getting old or it has premature ageing problems, it is time to replace it.
The second reason(s) is a bit more complicated.
Besides a rusty roof, tile roofs of any age may need replacement.

For more details, see my roof repair/replacement post.

… Even new roofs can turn out to be ‘Lemons’. And these ‘lemon’ roofs will need to be replaced for long term durability.

The relative costs of roofing materials.

If you want a replacement slate roof, it will cost you. Slate is the most expensive roofing material and its associated labour costs is on the high end.
Roof tiles are generally more expensive per square metre than colorbond metal. The end relative cost will depend on the labour component.
Generally, colorbond and tiles work out about the same completed cost for a simple pitched roof.

Why do you need a proper roof replacement quotation?

The replacement costs of roofs in Sydney can vary a lot.

The nature of the roof replacement. The demand/supply equation. The quality of the completed work and the warranty offered. The quality of the roofers…. And sometimes, there are some strange reasons why roofers make mistakes in quoting for work.

The reason that I have to come out to inspect your roof is that I have to do detailed measurements of the roof components, assess the site conditions and look out for any special conditions. Then all these go into my computerised estimating program and out pops the quotation for your roof replacement.

You should get a few quotes to give you some comfort before you make that big decision about who is going to do that roof replacement for you.

What about a ‘ballpark’ – before I go getting proper quotes?

I frequently get calls for people who just want a rough roof replacement cost. It is also a popular search term in Google. … So for those visitors who are looking for some idea about roof replacement costs in Sydney…

1)  Using square metre rate: You may already know how many square metres of roofing you want replaced. Otherwise, just use Google earth to find your property. Then use its ‘ruler’ function to measure out the perimeter of the roof. Multiply the area that you work out by 1.1

If it is a pitched roof to get the effective area. The range of prices to replace your roof is: $100 to $130 per square metre (ex GST).

This will include removal of the existing roof materials and disposal, replacement with colorbond metal or roof tiles (including building blanket, battens, sarking etc as applicable), and final tidy up. Steep roofs, difficult site access, smaller roofs, asbestos cement roofs and remote sites will be at the high end of the range.

Simple roofs with single or double pitches, easy access and average sized roofs will be at the lower end of the scale. Concrete tiled roofs are generally the cheapest, followed by terracotta then colorbond roofs.

2) Examples of from the Roofing Professionals Westside database: This is best done by showing pictures of our past roof replacements and giving you some idea of what we quoted for those roofs. The second half of the video below does just that…

(bear in mind that the video is a few years old (January 13, 2012) and costs are about 30% more today).


89 responses to “What is the replacement cost of a roof?”

  1. Chris says:

    Hello Jack,

    I have a patio on my rooftop i would like to cover in with either colorbond or similar.

    Its around 20m2 in area, posts & rafter is already constructed as an open roofed patio. Id like a quotation for installation inc labour & GST.

    Send me an email when you can, I live in the eastern suburbs.


  2. jackyuen says:

    Thanks for your roofing enquiry Chris.
    I will email you for details.


  3. Paul Tenbruggencate says:

    Thanks Jack your site is exactly what I was looking for I/c the video. I have contacted you. My home has 4 levels which I/c the garages so high off the ground so scaffolding will be needed ++ . The home is 30 years old and has dorm windows coming out of the roof cavity . When it rains I can not find the leak. So off with the tiles and “colour bond” it thanks !!!!! .The roof is very steep like one of those dolls houses where the roof comes off that kids play with 🙂 .I like a complete closed roof unit with boxed guttering’s that are closed and only let the rain water through . looking forward hearing you Jack Thanks Paul

  4. Richey Newland says:

    Have an old concrete tiled roof. Need to replace with either colourbond or tiles

  5. jackyuen says:


    If your roof is in Sydney and close to Strathfield, hit the contact link and send me your details. I will do a quote for you.



  6. Velli says:

    Hi Jack,
    I live in Lidcombe and doing a complete renovation and got the roof (which is very old) restoration . While doing this i found some of the sheets are rotten and has broken. I am planning to replace it with a new one. will you be able to give a quote for this? My address is 32, woodburn Road, Berala.


  7. Velli says:

    Forgot to give me number: 0439430094.

  8. jackyuen says:


    Sorry about the late reply.
    I will give you a call about your colorbond roof replacement in Lidcombe.


  9. Mike O'Sullivan says:

    I liked your video, I have a very rusty Klip Lock garage roof that i would like replaced and would like to get a price.
    Dimensions are 13m x 6 m , slope 2-4 degrees (approx)
    Please call me on 0412 904 551

  10. jackyuen says:

    Thanks for your enquiry Mike.

    I will give you a call about a replacement metal Kliplok roof quote for your garage

  11. WInston says:

    Hi Jack
    I need a quote to fix several roof leaks and repointing or rebedding of ridge caps. Can you advise when you will be around the eastwood/carlingford area for a quote on the weekend? I live in Dundas Valley and my mob is 0413636769. Pls call my wife, Amber (mob 0430498685) to arrange the inspection if you can only come during weekdays (preferably around 4pm) .

  12. Barb says:

    I am looking at inspecting a house for sale at 333 springvale rd donvale which from the aerial view has an asbestos roof.I am unsure what costs to factor in to removing and replacing the roof does the $110 psq mtr include asbestos removal?

  13. jackyuen says:

    Because we only do asbestos roof replacements in the western areas of Sydney, I have no real data on asbestos replacement costs in Victoria.
    the $110 per square metre included for the removal and disposal of asbestos — although the price has gone up a bit since I first published and it is around the $120 mark now…

  14. Dong says:

    I have been doing house hunting recently, found a house that I really like but have flat roof. I have heard so many disadvantages of flat roof, just wondering how much it would cost to convert a flat roof to pitched roof.

  15. jackyuen says:

    Hi Dong,
    Flat metal roofs down to 1 degree pitch are quite OK. It is not that flat roofs have many disadvantages – it is just that a lot of people doing flat roofs go about it without any regard to quite basic roofing rules.
    You can get away with over sights and short cuts when the roof is steep – but a flat roof needs more installation care. There are hundreds of thousands of flat roofs in Sydney giving very good and reliable service – just because they were done right.

    A conversion of a flat roof to a pitched roof is not a simple exercise. It is a structural modification, so it will involve engineering and a development application. The roof work on a new house can be about 20 to 30% of the total house cost. And building a house in Sydney is around $1500 per square metre.
    Since you have to demolish the old roof, allow for weather protection during the building work, special design and approvals and renovation construction costs (rather that straight forward new building work), the actual rate to convert a pitched roof to a flat roof may be about $800 per square metre.

    For a small 150 square metre house, the cost to convert a flat roof to a pitched roof is about $120,000. It is a lot of money.

    Hope this helps.


  16. Anh.L says:

    Hi Jack, we have recently purchased a single storey house with a terracotta tiled roof. In the building report we were advised that the roof tiles are exhibiting wear and tear and require restoration to prolong their life and prevent rain water penetration. It recommended cleaning and sealing the tiles to keep costs down as replacing it would cost around $15,000. Does the cost estimate found fair? The house area wherein roof replacement would be required is approcately 190sqm. How would a “cleaning and sealing” Restoration compare in terms of pricing?

    Thank you

  17. jackyuen says:


    Cleaning and sealing of terracotta roof tiles DOES NOT prolong their life. It is a myth. The process is purely cosmetic.
    You are better off just repairing it if there are roof leaks – or just replacing it if you want a new roof.

    Any money – let alone $15,000, is a waste for trying to prolong the life of terracotta roof tiles.

  18. Bob says:

    Hi Jack,

    Can you please advise how the roof with asbestos looks like. Is there any directions or some photos that I can have a look?


  19. jackyuen says:


    Sorry for the delay.
    Just been flat out with roof repairs and colorbond roof replacements leading up to the Christmas season.
    Go to my asbestos page at :


  20. david says:

    Hi jack,
    I just wanted to know if it’s going to cost alot to replace parts of the roof truss as we found out that the house has chared truss.
    YEs, I know I should not have bought it.

  21. Nancy Lee says:

    I need two flattish metal roofs to be renewed.

    One is a Stramit roof, about 45 years old which is going rusty. It measures about 6m X 9m. This has a celing made of Stramit bats of straw wrapped in paper, so they cannot be allowed to get wet whilst the roof is being replaced.
    The other is the Stramit roof of a carport, measuring about 5.5 X 5.5 m, about 30 to 40 years old.

    Can you please give me a very approximate estimate of what the cost will be for these replacements. I would imagine that the Stramit roof over a room would also need facia and guttering replaced as required. The carport roof is simply constructed of 3 beams with the roofing sheets attached. There is no facia or guttering although we could discuss adding these if necessary.

    I live in Castle Hill.
    Nancy (Builderbill)

  22. Matt says:

    Hi Jack,
    What should I be budgeting for for an entire roof replacement – new trusses, joists etc & terracotta roof incl. sarking, battens and the like. I have the mother of all renos to do – approx. 250m2 roof – old 1900’s house on lower north shore, Sydney.

  23. jackyuen says:


    Sorry, I am a bit useless when it comes to roof framing stuff – because we do not do it. The work will require a builder to co-ordinate, so he will be your best bet.


  24. jackyuen says:


    Sorry for the delay. We have been on Christmas holidays. A very approximate cost for replacing the roofs with colorbond, including associated work is $10,000.



  25. jackyuen says:


    Sorry for the delay. We have been on Christmas holidays.
    I am afraid that I do not have very much experience with replacing roof trusses – so a cost estimate will be difficult.

    I suggest finding a good carpenter (and I do not think it is going to be that expensive to do).



  26. Jen says:

    Hi Jack,

    Just wondering if you could give a ballpark price on replacing an old concrete tile roof with new concrete tiles as well as roofing our new extension? It is a hip roof, no valleys, 32 degree pitch and the perimeter dimensions including eaves (and the new extension) are 15.5 x 7.7m. We are in Ermington, if that helps?! Many thanks, Jen

  27. jackyuen says:


    A ball park figure will be about $13,000. This will include for removing the old roof tiles and installing new timber battens. Also a building blanket. Then a colorbond roof with associated flashings…

  28. Upendra says:

    Hello Jack,

    I stumbled onto your website when looking for roof replacement costs on Google. Our house has a (concrete?) tiled roof which looks pretty worn out. Does roof painting really help or is that a waste of money? Appreciate your opinion. I am rather inclined to replace it with a brand new colorbond roof once I have saved enough money.


  29. jackyuen says:

    Hi Upendra,

    Personally, I would not paint my roof. Concrete roof tiles are painted in the factory and the paint coating deteriorates over time. The tiles still work without the cosmetic paint coating and they do not get any weaker or become more porous.
    So, I think that painting is just a cosmetic thing.
    A new roof later down the track is a better option.

    All the best.

    Jack Yuen

  30. Greg says:

    I am looking at renovating in Lane Cove.
    I am looking at a new roof tieing into the old with a total area of 121m2. I want it tiled to match the existing. It is a single storey addition.
    Can you give me a budget estimate please.

  31. jackyuen says:

    Hi Greg,
    Since we do not do tile roofs (we specialise in colorbond metal roofs), my cost estimate is based on limited personal experience.
    I am not sure of the complexity of the new roof extension – but a new tile roof on a typical new roof extension should be around the $100 to $110 per square metre.
    Recently, I received an enquiry about a new tile roof on a carport because she was quoted about $200 per square metre by a couple of roof tiling companies. I don’t think this is quite right…

    Hope this helps.

    Jack the Roofer

  32. Geoff says:

    Is the per metre cost including truss replacements or this only for tiles and colour bond replacement

  33. Jack Yuen says:

    The cost is only for the tiles or colorbond metal.
    The roof construction work (trusses, etc) is part of the builder’s cost.


    Jack Yuen

  34. Rachel Zhang says:

    Hi Jack,

    May I please ask which is cheaper to do compare hip roof and flat roof.

    Thank you

  35. Jack Yuen says:


    A hip roof is steeper and there are more measurements and cuts and flashings. It is about 30% more expensive than a flat metal roof.
    Hope this helps.

    Jack Yuen

  36. Sagar says:

    Hi Jack,

    I am looking to build new house in Melbourne northern suburb on a block of land of 400 sqm

    I am very keen to have flat concrete roofing (RCC slab) instead of standard roof tiling, but not sure how much they gonna cost for a 250 sqm house

    Any suggestions on builders who make these kind of houses and any price estimation would help as well


  37. Gus says:

    Hi Jack,
    I’m in Wetherill Park, South Western Sydney and I am getting some lichen on my terracotta roof tiles. Total roof area is around 300m2. Double story with upper and lower roof sections with 30 degree pitch on upper roof. House is 12 year old. Tiles need a good clean, and clear gloss sealer and check pointings. What price do you expect it should cost me.

    Thanks in advance

  38. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Gus,

    Sorry, I do not do cleaning and painting of roofs. So I do have no proper cost estimates to give you.
    Terracotta roof tiles do not seal/paint well. The sealers and paints just peel off fairly early in its life and looks quite awful up close…

    Hope this helps.

    Jack Yuen

  39. Corrina says:

    Hi Jack,
    We’re looking at buying a house with a skillion roof that’s rusting. The building report says this will need to be replaced (along with alot of other parts f the house!). Was wondering if you could give me a ballpark on roughly how much it might be. The area is approx 8x6m and is corrugated metal, pretty much flat. What’s your recommendation please? Thanks and look forward to your email.
    Cheers, Corrina.

  40. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Corrina,

    Thanks for your enquiry about the rusted skillion metal roof.
    I recommend replacing the corrugated roof with a colorbond ‘kliplok’ profile roof and at about 50 square metres, you should be planning for between $5000 and $6000.
    Hope this helps.

    Jack Yuen

  41. Mary says:

    Hi Jack
    How much will be to replace a colourbond roof only to replace the glass enclosure roof which is about 15 metres long by 3 metres wide


  42. Maria says:

    Hi, we have solar panels on our roof. Can you uninstall the panels and reinstall after replacing the roof?

  43. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Maria,

    Solar panel removal and installation has to be done by licensed electricians. We are not able to do this work.


    Jack Yuen

  44. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Mary,

    Your request sounds like it needs a site inspection to get a proper estimated done.



  45. Bruce says:

    Hi Jack,
    How far west do you go? I’m in the Blue Mountains 30minutes west of Penrith. My existing corrugated iron roof needs replacing along with battens. Would you quote? The roof area is about 11x 14m.

  46. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Penrith is about the limit of our coverage to the west – so I am of little use to you for roof work in the Blue Mountains.



  47. Rajeev says:

    Hi Jack,

    The house I have recently bought has a flat (or near flat, not entirely sure) roof. I would like it renovated before moving in and want to have an idea of the costs I may run into doing this.
    So here is what I want to know from you – 1) how much would it require to get a new flat roof and 2) if it becomes too expensive, how much does it cost to fix/repair the existing one?
    I understand that without looking at the roof, it would be difficult to give me an accurate estimate, but I would appreciate a ball park figure if possible.


  48. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Rajeev,

    You are right. Very difficult to put a price on something without any measurements or location.
    However, you can work out a ball park figure yourself by using the rates on this page and elsewhere on my website…..



  49. Jay says:

    I have a duplex which is ground floor plus a habitable roof, meaning the first floor has tapering ceiling on the sides. I want to raise the floor to full height. That will require raising side walls,windows and putting a new roof. The existing is a 45 degree angle roof with concrete tiles. Can you advise how best this job can be done with minimum cost and turn around time. also, can the first floor be protected from rain during this roof replacement job?

  50. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Jay,

    You ask some tough questions!
    I am biased towards metal roofs and my suggestion is a low pitched metal kliplok roof to replace the steep concrete tile roof. But check what it will look like as a finished product.
    Metal roofs are lighter and demands less structural work.
    The builder can tarp the roof during the construction process.

    Hope this helps.


  51. Brenton says:

    Hi Jack, Can you answer a question about insulating a residential flat metal roof with exposed beams. My house has very little space between the purlins and the metal roof and reading some of the recommended building standards this only allow for a low R bubble wrap like sisilation. However in commercial flat metal roofs I have seen advertised products like roofrazor to increase the spacing allowing thick batts with larger R values. Can this be done for a residential flat metal roof ? Cheers

  52. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Brenton,
    Bubble wrap type insulation (like Aircell glareshield) has quite high R value (approx. 2.4). The equivalent building blanket is 100mm thick with a R rating of 2.5.
    The problem with thick building blankets is that it gets compressed by the roof sheeting and this automatically reduces the R rating. It is worst where it passes over the battens (where maximum compression occurs). Systems like roofrazor are used to limit the compression at the battens/purlins and generally under the rest of the roof sheeting.

    Bubble wrap type insulation suffer very little compression under the bulk of the roof sheeting and only about 30% over the battens (therefore retains the bulk of it’s R rating)- so, it is a more efficient thermal barrier in cathedral ceiling type roof construction. It is 1.5 times the price of fibreglass building blankets…

    Hope this helps.


  53. Murray says:

    Hey Jack, great site. Just thinking of replacing our single level concrete tiled roof with colourbond, and wondering if there are any special considerations for installation being a steel frame house? Also, is any additional anchoring of the roof framework required when swapping tiles for sheeting? We’re in the Hills/ Kellyville area which is not an overly windy location but are there any regulations that we need to think about? Thanks, Murray.

  54. Jack Yuen says:

    Thanks Murray,

    There are no additional structural modifications required if you are replacing a concrete tiled roof with a metal roof.
    You do however have to install new wider steel battens to carry the metal sheeting (more for an attachment point for the screws).

    Hope this helps,


  55. Shari says:

    Thank you for providing such a great website and service Jack. Your website is very helpful. We are in the ACT, can you by any chance recommend someone to replace a tiled roof with a metal roof in Canberra?
    With thanks, Shari

  56. Jack Yuen says:

    Thanks shari,

    Since we are only a small roofing business based in the western suburbs of Sydney, we have not got any reliable roofing companies in the ACT that we have experiences with.
    You will have to do a bit of ‘checking out” as you go through the local ACT roofers..


  57. Kenneth Clarke says:

    I emailed a request for a price indication some weeks ago and received no reply. May I ask again. I am the secretary for a block of 12 apartments (Strata 269) in Ashfield. We want to replace the AC roofing on an external laundry block and a garage block. Both are low pitched skillion roofs and we wish to replace with a colobond material. The laundry section is approx 11m2 and the garage 84m2.

    Could you provide us with a price estimate that includes everything.



  58. Tony says:

    Hi, I have a roof approximately 70sqm (including the 1.1 multiple.). It is part slate roof and half old corrugated iron. Could I get a quote from you please? We would like the roof done asap.



  59. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Tony,

    It is best to submit your roofing enquiry through the form on the “Contact” page. You will get a quicker response and your comment will not get mixed up with the thousands of ‘spam’ comments that this page gets…



  60. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Ken,

    Can you submit your request through the form on the “Contact” page again and I will take a look for you.



  61. Melissa Kirby says:

    Hi Jack,

    I have been thinking about repainting our colorbiond metal roof. It is quite a steep pitch and three roof painters have said it is too steep for them. The roof is in good condition but around 20 years old so am now considering replacing the roof. It is around 200square metres. We live in the Newcastle area and just wondering what the approx. cost to replace rhe roof may be.

    Thank you.


  62. Andrew says:

    Hi Jack,

    I’m thinking of replacing my old tiled roof with a Colourbond roof but not sure if it would suit the style of house (house is an old 70s Spanish looking house).
    Do you know of any sites that allow you to upload a photo of your house and overlay it with a Colourbond roof so that you can see what it would look like?
    Also if going from a tile to Colourbond roof, what is done given that the Colourbond is a lot lighter than tiles. I’ve read that in some cases tiled roofs cant be converted to Colourbond as the roof structure is built differently?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  63. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I don’t know of such a website. The closest site that has colour overlays is the colorbond site :

    Generally, tiled roofs are loaded a lot more that metal roofs. Where the roofs are designed for cyclones, a metal roof will have less ‘dead weight’ against uplift forces. So, the roof trusses or rafters need additional tie down straps to counter the uplift forces.

    If you are in Sydney, there are no cyclones. So, uplift forces are not usually a problem and no structural modifications to the roof structure is required if you change from tiled to colorbond metal.

    Hope this helps,


  64. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Steep roofs are quite expensive to replace. I am not sure about rates for Newcastle work. For Sydney, you may be looking at $50,000.

    Hope this helps.


  65. Sean says:

    Hi Jack,
    Your video is a good guide.
    I have a rectangular skillion roof approx. 210m2. I would say it is only 2° max.
    There is a large portion of surface rust and I have found some localised areas it is rusting virtually right through. I also have 12 panels of solar panelling.
    what would an indicative price here be, and how would I need to deal with the solar panels.
    what wou

  66. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Sean,

    You will be looking at a price range from $20k to $25k for a full roof replacement.
    We usually tell the home owner to get a solar company to disconnect and remove the solar panels before we start work. Sometimes, there is enough play in the installation and we have been able to move the racks of panels around as we replace the roof. The panels remain connected in these cases…
    Hope this helps.


  67. Martin says:

    Hi Jack,
    My house has a 6.7 x 3.4 family room which the precious owners converted from a patio area. It has a flat tin roof.
    I am looking at converting it to a tiled pitched roof to match the rest of the house.
    Can this be done?
    Do I need council permission?
    What is a rough cost?

  68. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Martin,

    A tiled pitched roof will need council permission and will involve a builder.
    We do not do this type of work and my rough cost stab is about $20,000.

    Hope this helps,


  69. Chris D'Onofrio says:

    Hi Jack. I live in a strata complex. We have a tiled roof. I’m on the top floor. We are an old art deco building built in 1928. A beautiful old building with all the craftsmanship you would expect from the era. The ceilings are moulded. Unfortunately in the stairwell our ceiling has been destroyed due to cracked tiles. As I’m on the top floor I’ve investigated the roof to ensure this doesn’t occur in mine or any of the other flats. The sarking has numerous holes which I will want to patch up. Will this help prevent any more damage? What is the approx. cost? we have 4x identical 95sqm apartments on that floor.


  70. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Chris,
    The main thing is to get the cause of the leaks fixed. The sarking does not stop the leaks and it is secondary whether it is repaired or not. It is usually tiles and the capping that cause problems.
    I am not able to give cost without an inspection.

    Hope this helps,


  71. Rob says:

    Hi, purchased house where trusses have deflected (build report suggested weight of concrete tiles and settling). Plus roof needing desperate repointing everywhere. Quoted 27k to replace with new gutters and down pipes (as old seem too small) in colourbond on 308m roof. Price sound right but should I just get it repointed for 4k? And will deflection fix itself or will the weight difference affect something else I haven’t considered?

  72. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Rob,
    Sagging of roof trusses is quite common – due to a variety of reasons. Often the deflections have stabilised and apart from the look… it is OK to leave it as it is.
    The important thing is to check for any cracking of the trusses or rafters and that the connections are still sound – which will indicate ‘failure’ situations, rather that pure deflection.
    If it is pure deflection, then repair of the existing tile roof is a viable option.
    Hope this helps.


  73. Jane says:

    Hi Jack,
    We have a semi with both flat (approx 40sqm – for the extensions on the house) and pitched (approx 70sqm – tiled – the original house) roofing. We would like to replace the entire roof to be the same pitched colourbond roof throughout. Could you give me a guide to what this will cost?

  74. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Jane,
    The big unknown is the cost to install new timber trusses/frame to turn the flat section into a pitched section. There are many factors involved and I do not have any feel for what this will cost.
    There is nothing wrong with flat roofs – provided they are roofed correctly.


  75. Bill says:

    Hi Jack
    Our 2-storey-plus-attic strata block of 4 flats has a 30 degree slate roof and 4 dormer roofs in the attics, measuring 3.3×2.2m, 2.4×2.2m, 2.4×2.2m, 2.2×1.8m. All dormer roofs are simple skillion with 1 degree pitch. Each dormer has an eaves gutter on 3 sides. The 4th side is flashed under the slates. We need to replace all dormer roofs, flashings and gutters with Colorbond Ultra sheeting and guttering. The dormers face east and are subject to regular strong salty breezes. We are concerned that ribbed profiles such as Kliplok will allow rainwater to be blown into the ends of the ribs. Assuming that the timber structure is okay, what ballpark cost amount should we allow to replace gutters, flashings, roof sheeting, and what type of roof sheeting do you recommend?

  76. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Bill,

    You are probably looking at around $3000 per dormer. With a 1 degree pitch, you are pretty much stuck with a ‘kliplok’ style profile roof. The Lysaght ‘Longline’ profile can also do 1 degree and has a much smaller hollow at the ribs. It is a bit more expensive (although in the scheme of things, it may only add another couple hundred dollars per dormer).
    There are weather strips that can be installed in the hollows of the kliplok ribs to prevent wind blown water entry – so the ‘kliplok’ profile will work also.
    Also, colorbond ultra is the material that you should use.

    Hope this helps.


  77. Renae Flood says:

    Hi Jack. I really like the information and honesty you have given on this site. Being bitten by shocking dodgy builders in the past I’m very nervous about having more work done.

    Being that you have put me at ease with your video I was wondering or hoping that you do work in Newcastle. And if not that you might be able to refer me to someone you know as honest and trustworthy.

    My problem is that turns out my colour bond roof is one of the ‘dodgy batches that the colour faded’ was installed some years ago. Colorbond told me that if I could provide proof of installation it would be replaced by them. I contacted the previous owner who’s response was “It’s not my problem I don’t live there anymore” and she hung up ??

    So I would like to get an idea on the cost to replace my faded colorbond roof please. I have considered getting it painted but the paint won’t last long and I’m only delaying the inevitable of having to replace my roof.

    Hoping you can help me please

    Kind Regards

  78. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Renae,

    We do not work in Newcastle and I do not know of any good roofers up there.

    I see the faded colorbond roofs in Sydney also – although I do not know exactly the reason for the colour fade. Apart from the fade, most of these roofs that I come across do not show signs of the undercoat wearing away and allowing premature exposure of the zincalume coating.

    So, the problem is mainly a cosmetic one.

    If you are concerned about the ‘look’ – then I would suggest you re-consider painting.

    If you are leaning towards a new colorbond roof, then a rough guide is to find out the area of your roof and use $120 per square metre for a new replacement roof (with new blanket insulation)…

    Hope this helps.


  79. Amber Finnigan says:

    I am wondering if you have any idea of a rough price indication for vaulting a ceiling? I have low ceilings and a low roof pitch and would like to improve the living areas of my house. I know your advice is mainly exterior, however it seems difficult to find this information on australian websites. Many thanks, Amber

  80. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Amber,

    There are so many variables to re-doing a ceiling that it is even difficult to give a rough price.
    Try to get a small builder or a carpenter to go through with you what can be done and they can then price for the work.


  81. jose fernandez says:

    hi Jack
    We will be moving to a property on the building inspection they found a few broken tiles also one corner where the mortar was missing
    we would like to fix all problems and also painted so will last at least a few years more
    how much will be
    Cheers Joe

  82. Nikola says:

    Hi Jack,
    We are looking at a new roof on an extension approx 60 sq m ( 8 m x 7.7 m) . This is designed as a flat 2 degree roof so our options are Trimdek (screw) or Kliplok ( clip ). Are they similar in price or is one more expensive than the other ?

  83. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Nicola,

    I don’t like Trimdek at 2 degrees. I prefer kliplok because it works a lot better at this low pitch. You will be expecting to pay around $6/m2 more for Kliplok.
    It is about a $400 extra charge on materials for your size roof.
    Well worth the extra money.


  84. Nikola says:

    Thanks Jack. Is that $6/m2 extra for just the materials ? I understand there is increased labour cost in fitting a Kliplok roof over a Trimdek.

  85. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Nikola,

    It is not that much harder to install kliplok sheets. The installer may charge a couple of dollars more.


  86. George Reinoso says:

    Hi Jack,
    You have a Great site. Wanting to know costs to convert a pitched roof to a flat roof approximate costs? The square meters of the house is approx 260 square metres (double storey). Do you do this type of work?
    Do you think it is a good idea to convert from pitched roof to flat roof?
    Also considering a rooftop terrace as part of the roof conversion?

  87. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi George,
    You seem to be an outlier.
    Most people want to change a flat roof to a pitched roof…

    A pitched roof has the advantage of wider spans. It means that you need less (or none) internal load bearing walls to support the roof. The pitched roof is usually supported just by the external load bearing walls.

    When you convert this to a flat roof, the beams that will support the new flat roof have a lot of work to do if the house is wide. It is either big beams that rests on the external load bearing walls, or smaller beams that need internal walls to help hold it up.

    The problem with building new load bearing walls on the second storey, is that these walls have to transfer the loads down to the ground floor. Rather complicated.

    A proper conversion will involve some sort of engineering (and architectural) input.
    Then a good builder to execute the works.

    We are roof repair (and simple roof replacement) specialists. This is beyond our area of expertise.

    Good luck.


  88. Phil says:

    Hi, similar to the Q above, I have a 3*3 besser block outbuilding (pool shed) for which my Local council say is not approved as it was built 30 years ago aith a 2.7m pitched roof thats too high, they say it may be ok with a flat roof. Is it possible to simply remove the pitched roof and replace with flat or is it too much engineering? Is it even possible to just use a flat patio roof spanning longer or is this totally unfeasible? Thanks

  89. Jack Yuen says:

    Hi Phil,

    it should be a simple job to convert a 2.7m wide roof from a pitched to a flat one.
    Kliplok roof sheets can span over 2m. So, only one intermediate beam support is needed mid span, with the ends supported by the top plates along the wall (with some packing to give 1 degree fall).
    Another option is ‘Stratco cooldek’ foam sandwich roof panels. These do not need any intermediate beam support. Just Google this product.

    Hope this helps.


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