How much to replace a tile (or metal) roof with Colorbond roof in Sydney?

The time will come when you will need someone to replace your roof …. and most people thinking of replacing their old roofs with a colorbond or tile roof have no idea of the ‘ballpark’ cost.
So, they keep putting it off because they cannot budget for it.
The other question on their minds is: “Do I get my roof replaced with colorbond metal or do I just want new roof tiles?”


Colorbond Vs tile roofs – which is better?


Upgrade both the looks and function of an old tiled roof with a new colorbond roof

Why replace a tile roof with a colorbond roof?

We replace a lot of tile roofs with colorbond roofs – as well as replacing old metal roofs new colorbond roofs.

To see some more examples of roof replacements in Sydney that we have done, go to this page

Why does a roof need to be replaced?

The first reason is simple:
When your roof is getting old or it has premature ageing problems, it is time to replace it.
The second reason(s) is a bit more complicated.
Besides a rusty roof, tile roofs of any age may need replacement.

For more details, see my roof repair/replacement post.

… Even new roofs can turn out to be ‘Lemons’. And these ‘lemon’ roofs will need to be replaced for long term durability.

The relative costs of roofing materials.

If you want a replacement slate roof, it will cost you. Slate is the most expensive roofing material and its associated labour costs is on the high end.
Roof tiles are generally more expensive per square metre than colorbond metal. The end relative cost will depend on the labour component.
Generally, colorbond and tiles work out about the same completed cost for a simple pitched roof.

Why do you need a proper roof replacement quotation?

The replacement costs of roofs in Sydney can vary a lot.

The nature of the roof replacement. The demand/supply equation. The quality of the completed work and the warranty offered. The quality of the roofers…. And sometimes, there are some strange reasons why roofers make mistakes in quoting for work.

The reason that I have to come out to inspect your roof is that I have to do detailed measurements of the roof components, assess the site conditions and look out for any special conditions. Then all these go into my computerised estimating program and out pops the quotation for your roof replacement.

You should get a few quotes to give you some comfort before you make that big decision about who is going to do that roof replacement for you.

What about a ‘ballpark’ – before I go getting proper quotes?

I frequently get calls for people who just want a rough roof replacement cost. It is also a popular search term in Google. … So for those visitors who are looking for some idea about roof replacement costs in Sydney…

1)  Using square metre rate: You may already know how many square metres of roofing you want replaced. Otherwise, just use Google earth to find your property. Then use its ‘ruler’ function to measure out the perimeter of the roof. Multiply the area that you work out by 1.1

If it is a pitched roof to get the effective area. The range of prices to replace your roof (updated July 2022) is: $180 to $230 per square metre (ex GST).

This will include removal of the existing roof materials and disposal, replacement with colorbond metal or roof tiles (including building blanket, battens, sarking etc as applicable), and final tidy up. Steep roofs, difficult site access, smaller roofs, asbestos cement roofs and remote sites will be at the high end of the range.

Simple roofs with single or double pitches, easy access and average sized roofs will be at the lower end of the scale. Concrete tiled roofs are generally the cheapest, followed by terracotta then colorbond roofs.

2) Examples of from the Roofing Professionals Westside database: This is best done by showing pictures of our past roof replacements and giving you some idea of what we quoted for those roofs. The second half of the video below does just that…

(bear in mind that the video is a few years old (January 13, 2012) and costs are about 100% more today).