CHAT with Jack the Roofer

Chat with Jack anytime you like

You can ask him anything at all – whether it is directly related to roof repair work or not.

But you must be PRECISE in your prompts – because Jack can give you misleading answers if you ask ambiguous questions.

And if you ask too many questions – Jack will get very tired

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Kim Lan
Kim Lan
10 months ago

Hi Jack, my roof does not have any sarking. I have lichen on it and contacted an exterior cleaning company to pressure clean my roof. They will not do it because of fear of water ingress as I do not have sarking. Is this true? Because in the past we have had severe heavy rain. I don’t see the difference?

Fu Yu Chen
Fu Yu Chen
8 months ago

Hello Jack,

Do you happen to speak mandarin? My roof is in need of some repairs and it is hard to discuss with my mother since my mandarin is not the best… I have already booked an inspection for this Thursday (14/09).