FAQ – How should I insulate my roof?

Looking to insulate your roof in Sydney?

The most effective place to place insulation is right on top of your ceiling. So, if you do not have ceiling insulation, this is the first step.

Then insulation directly under the roof is next. The pictures below best show how this is achieved:


Example of a typical insulation solution under a colorbond metal roof

Example of a typical insulation solution under a colorbond metal roof


The picture gallery above shows more examples so feel free to browse……

Aircell insulation is thinner and has a higher R rating, but it comes at a price premium of about $3 per square metre. This type of insulation under metal roofs is especially effective in cathedral ceilings and where there is no cavity to create an effective insulation layer.

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  1. Peter says:

    I have a townhouse with a flat roof on the upper story. The ceiling space is negligible so cannot use batts etc. Is there en external insulation solution, eg gravel or similar?

    • jackyuen says:

      Gravel does not insulate. It is usually used on top or membrane roofs to protect the membrane from sun, bird and pedestrian damage. Gravel is also put on top of polystyrene insulation which can be laid on top of the membrane roof to insulate it. If you have a membrane roof, you can use this method.
      If you have a metal roof, the polystyrene and gravel trick will not work too well.
      The best option I can think of is to pull the roof sheeting off and install something like “Aircell glareshield” insulation- then put the roof sheeting back.

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