Metal roof repairs in Sydney and why it is needed.

If your metal roof is rusty, you will be better off replacing it than repairing it.

So the only reason that you would want to repair your metal roof is because it has not been installed correctly and there is a chance that a decent roof repair will work – and save you the cost of a new roof.

But beware.

There are some poorly installed roofs that will not respond to a roof repair.

Examples of ‘new’ metal roofs that will not benefit from a repair

The roof in the picture above that has been repaired (unsuccessfully) and it was a complete waste of time and money. This roof is not a candidate for a metal roof repair. It should have been replaced by a more suitable roof and the pitch also increased.

Sometimes, roofers ask too much of a complicated roof.

In the example below, multiple skylights, vents and roof equipment make a decent roof design a real challenge. And this roofer has neglected all the fundamentals of roof design and come up with a roof that is bound to leak.

This metal roof looks like a candidate for a roof replacement rather that a roof repair….. because it would be just about impossible to guarantee the longevity of a roof repair on this poor roof.

metal roof repairs Sydney leaking roof img-fluid


When can a metal roof be successfully repaired?

The most common faults on metal roofs that can be remedied by decent roof repairs are:

  • Turn-ups inadequate,
  • Turn-downs inadequate;
  • Blanket insulation incorrectly installed;
  • Capillary channel problems;
  • Roof fasteners incorrectly installed;
  • Roof flashings incorrectly installed on a metal roof;
  • Leaking vents

Corrugated roofs are almost foolproof when installed on a pitch greater than 10 degrees and nothing much can go wrong. Except if there are end laps.

Some roofers do not know to lay a roof with end laps and there is a slim chance that it will leak. But on steep corrugated roofs, even a faulty end lap will not have a chance to leak.

Flat roofs have much less tolerance to poor workmanship during the installation phase and tend to be prone to more leaks.

How do you know whether a metal roof repair is viable for your roof?

There are a lot of resources on this website if you want to do a bit of research.

You will have a better idea after you have explored a bit.

When you are getting serious about getting a professional opinion about the ‘fixability’ of your metal roof, it is best to book an obligation FREE inspection.