FAQ – How soon before I can I get my roof fixed?

PageLines- whencanyoudomyroof.pngBased on recent history, you will usually have to wait for about a month or two before I can do any work on your roof.

Unfortunately, there is a fairly long lead time because I usually have a lot of roofing work on and we can only go through so much work in a day.

Also, the current lock down makes the short term future uncertain.

Obviously, this lead time will vary and I will be updating this page quite regularly to give you the latest estimated lead time.

Date of update:   16th November 2020

Current estimated lead time:   there is a lead time of 5 to 6 weeks  … 

– We are approaching Christmas and all new work will now have to be scheduled from January 2021….

Comments:  We have a shorter lead time for the smaller repair jobs.


What about minor jobs?

A minor  job could be just to replace a broken tile or patch a hole in a flashing on on a roof. In this case, I will usually do this when I come out on my visit.

What do I do with a leaking roof in the mean time?

I suggest calling your local SES for emergency help.
I can usually put in a temporary repair when I come out for an inspection, which should get you out of trouble until we return to do the permanent roof repairs or the roof replacement.


What is your lead time for roof inspections?

Date of update:   16th November 2020

Current estimated lead time:    We have closed off roof inspections for 2020 to catch up on the  backlog of roof inspections still to do….

Comments: Any bookings made this year will be attended to in January 2021.







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  1. Ace says:

    Hi i need to get my roof inspected because its leaking..do you provide free quote and inspection.please call me on 0416092055

  2. Tony Shidiak says:

    Looked you up from the yellow pages FYI.
    Seeking a quote in the Homebush Area on a residential home.
    I’m looking to have some old roofing material (clear fiberglass looking sheeting) removed and replaced. Approx. 4×9 meters is my guesstimate. Would need durable, long lasting , clear replacement sheets.
    There is no immediate urgency for the work, however a quote will assist us in our budgeting and we can schedule a future date of install to suite.
    Do you also do gutter and down pipe repairs?
    Please call me preferably on 0422847778 to chat. Tony

    • jackyuen says:

      Thanks Tony,

      I will give you a ring in the next few days about your roofing issues. Completely flat out on leaking roofs and roof repairs at the moment.
      Funny how you said that you found me on the yellow pages – because I do not have a paid advertisement in the roofing category there…..

  3. David says:

    I have a granny flat with external dimensions of 3.2m x 7.2m currently with a roof that looks to be an asbestos roof. I would like a colorbond roof with insulation to replace the existing one. Please call 0422120481 or email me to discuss the work.


    • jackyuen says:

      Thank you for your asbestos cement roof replacement with colorbond enquiry.
      I will email you separately for more details.


  4. Bill Childs says:

    Dear Jack

    We are in Crows Nest – we have a badly leaking skylight – I gather from your website that you may be both busy & have a medical problem – when you have a moment my mobile number is 0415 972 546.

    Thanks – Bill Childs (21 Emmett Street, Crows Nest, 2065)

    • jackyuen says:

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the message. I see the neurosurgeon today and hopefully, I will soon be able to get on a roof and start battling those leaks again…

      I will send you an email about your leaking skylight.

  5. Winston says:

    Hi Jack,

    I have a small drip leak on my tile roof. I can identify the leak from the inside, but because of the sarking, much are covered up. Hence I need your help to identify from the outside. The building is relatively new of 4 years, hence I believe it is due to a crack of sort, and could be a minor job.

    Could you please come and check it soon?

    Thanks, Winston

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