There are many painted steel products but only one that is genuine Colorbond – by Bluescope.

Colorbond is exclusively produced by Bluescope and they provide the warranty for the material.

There are other coloured metal roofing and fencing products in Sydney that are not produced by Bluescope (like ‘Duracote’ by ACE Gutters). These alternatives do not carry the Bluescope warranty – but they look and feel very similar to Colorbond.

So, how do you tell them apart?

Nowadays, most flashings have a plastic coating containing the ‘Colorbond’ logo (apart from marketing, it helps remind the roofer to peel the plastic off when the flashings are installed).

However, the roof sheeting have no plastic covering, so how can you determine if it is genuine Colorbond material?

…If you turn the Colorbond roof sheet upside down and take a close look at the light grey surface, you will see  faint colorbond imprint lines. This is the evidence that the material is genuine Colorbond.
So, if a client asks me how they can tell if I am using genuine Colorbond on their roof, I have to be able to show them some evidence… And this is a colorbond imprint on the UNDERSIDE of the Colorbond material.

If you can’t find this imprint, then the coloured roofing material is not genuine Colorbond – and you are not covered by the Bluescope warranty.

What about Bluescope Zincalume?

You will find a similar imprint on genuine Zincalume products also.  Even though both sides are the same colour, the “underside” will carry the Bluescope Steel Zincalume imprint.

…. And if you want to check out all of this on a video, then click on the short You Tube clip below: