I can’t keep with the demand for roof repairs every time we have a big storm.

I have a capacity problem. And it has been a problem for around 10 years…
I can’t cope every time we have a big storm.

This post below was from 2013…

“The Australia day long weekend (2013) brought on the big rains in Eastern Australia and Sydney was quite lucky to escape the extreme rainfall predicted.

But there was enough rain in Sydney over that weekend to cause all the roof leaks that had been lurking over the last few months of dry weather – to spring out.

Now, everyone in Sydney has a roof leak! and want their roofs repaired…  and I can’t cope!

While previously (in the dry period) , I would get about 5 or so roofing repair enquiries per day through this website, I have been getting up to forty per day over the last few days….

It is just too much to handle by myself – So, I have to say that I am sorry. I will not be able to get back to all of you who have rung or emailed me about their leaking roofs needing repair.

My normal day is split as follows:

  • Making sure that my current roofing jobs are well organised and my clients get the proper attention;
  • Any warranty on roof repairs and after sales issues are attended to;
  • and then going out to meet prospects and look at their roofing leaks so that I can provide a quote to repair or replace their roofs.

… This means that I would normally have time to do about 3 or 4 roof inspections per day.

So, you can see that if I get more than 5 roof repair inspections to do per day – it is pushing me to the limit. Give me 40 and I have to give up!

So, apologies again if I can’t get around to your leaking roofs. I just have to try my best and leave it at that…”