A bent roof tile can be the cause of that mystery roof leak

A roof repair in Parramatta that had me scratching my head….

I was out the other day on a terracotta tiled roof in one of the suburbs in western Sydney looking for the cause of a roof leak. It baffled me because I could not spot any cracked roof tiles and the drainage courses were not that filled with dirt.

Roof repairs are only possible if I can find exactly what is causing it. That is why I need the home owner to show me exactly where the leak is appearing on the ceiling.

I had the location sussed out. But the leak almost stumped me until I discovered the cause of the roof leak.

It is not a usual thing – but exceptions can cause problems that become hard to find.

And I usually take the quality of the roofing materials for granted – since the manufacturers have their quality control systems. But sometimes mistakes happen and they slip the attention of many pairs of hands and make it onto a roof.

Terracotta roof tiles are made of clay that is moulded and then baked. Every now and then in this process, a roof tile gets bent. If this is too obvious, it gets rejected at the factory or the roof tiler will pull it out of the pack. It is when it is not too obvious that a bend causes a weakness in the tile’s function – that a bit of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ work by a good roofer is needed to repair that puzzling roof leak.

Watch the youtube video and you will be surprised by what I found…