If you are getting your gutters replaced, make sure that the roof gets repaired properly also.

I am a roof repair and colorbond roof specialist.

I do not go out looking for guttering work because my guys are better suited to roof repairs and colorbond roofing work. There are ‘roof plumbers’ who specialize in house gutters and downpipe work…and they can do it a lot quicker than we can.

…And there are always exceptions.

When we replace a roof, sometimes the gutters and downpipes also need replacement. In this instance, it is easier for everyone if we also did all the gutter and roofing work too. And we are quite capable of doing it.

Sometimes, a client softens me up and I oblige by getting my guys to change the gutters and downpipes for them….

But generally, I prefer to leave house gutters to the guttering contractors. They can usually do it quicker and cheaper – so the consumer wins out at the end.

There is however, ONE important item of work that a home owner must be aware of when comparing the cost to replace their house gutters. This item can end up becoming a determining component of the guttering cost

…and this is the repair of the tile roof when the guttering is all completed.

A house gutter must have a fall towards the nearest downpipe – and it is not always possible to have a downpipe at every corner of the house roof.

This means that at certain (if not all) corners of the roof, the gutter has to be installed as a “high point”. The corner bracket of the gutter will be installed as high up the fascia as possible and this means that the roof tiles and the ‘starter’ of the ridge capping on a tile roof will be hanging over the back of the gutter.

So, to remove the old gutter, the roof tiles and the ridge capping have to be taken apart to gain access…

This means that after the gutter work has been done, the roof tiles and ridge capping has to be re-instated….and this is where a gutter contractor can take short cuts. Either they don’t include to repair the disturbed ridge capping (they will just fit it all back loosely) …or they try not to disturb the ridge capping during the removal process AND install the new gutter at a lower position in the corner (because the ‘in-place ridge capping and tiles does not allow them to install it higher). Lowering the corner of the house gutter will immediately affect the fall of the gutter. It will either decrease the fall of the gutter (and even reverse it!) and cause ponding…

Either way is not good – but it does mean less work and therefore a cheaper price for your new house gutters.

The correct way is to remove the tiles and capping… then re-bed and re-point the disturbed ridge capping after the gutter installation has been completed. This will make it more expensive.

…But the cheaper alternative is not the ideal way to treat your roof and gutters.

(Note: It is the above reasons that I always recommend to my clients that they must replace their house gutters BEFORE they do any repair work to their tile roof. )

So, the most important lesson to be learnt from this post is to compare the quotes of replacing your house gutters correctly. Be careful that that cheap gutter job does not turn out to be more expensive in the long run…..

Make sure that the quote for your house gutter INCLUDES for the repair work to the tile roof!

… The video below shows a home owner who got a CHEAP gutter job. Unfortunately, it will end up costing them more in the long run…