We have failed to find the causes of roof leaks very often in the past – a lot less often now

There will always be an exception to the rule. The post below was written in 2012…

I spent almost an hour on a western Sydney roof yesterday trying to find the cause of a water leak at the base of a valley on a concrete tiled roof. And towards the end of the inspection, the home owner asked me “Is this the trickiest leak you have come across?”

As a rule, I am able to determine the cause(s) of a water leak from a roof – then it is easy to figure out how to repair the roof problem. However, I was completely lacking in answers after taking roof tiles apart, turning roof flashings around, and going through the usual places where it would leak. Ultimately, I had to use the  garden hose test. And after 15 minutes of hosing and spraying – I just could not make the roof leak!

Yet, the home-owner was sure that the roof would leak again after the next big storm – because it has always done so.

What could I do in a situiation like this?

Nothing much else.

One day, I may ultimately find the cause of the ‘potential’ leak – because I am sure the owner will call me back if ever the valley leaked again. But yesterday, there were no answers after almost an hour of investigation work.

The home owner was impressed by my persistence – since none of the other roofers before me made any such efforts to trace the leak. But I am not here to win awards for persistence. I am supposed to find and fix roof leaks.

… So I had to drive away with no solutions to offer.

Waiting for the next big rain…