Are you a Sydney homeowner looking at getting your roof repaired?

Roof Repairs Sydney - finding the good ones
What category of roofer do you get if you use this method to get your roof repaired correctly?

Have you ever tried to find a good roofer in Sydney to solve your roof leaks or other associated roof problems?

And end up disappointed because the ones who end up knocking on your door did not ‘HAVE THE GOODS”?

After over two decades of servicing the roof repair segment of the Sydney roofing scene, we can now confirm that Sydney roofers fall into the following four classes:

1) Low Expertise, Low Trust: Handyman services and directory services like Hipages will send you three roofers whose roof repair expertise vary from poor to acceptable. You’re left doubting their abilities and questioning their trustworthiness. They may have good reviews on the website, but dig deeper and you will be able to find actual customer feedback on the quality of these roofers. But what if there was a better way? How does one go about finding a roofer with both high expertise and a proven track record of trustworthiness?
2) Low Expertise, High Trust:
Roof Repairs Sydney low performance
Example of low expertise roof problems

Have you ever had a friend or a family member recommend a roof contractor they trust, only to find out they don’t have the expertise needed for your specific roofing problems? The trust is there, but unfortunately, the necessary specialised roof repair skills aren’t.

They may try multiple times to fix the roof problem – but you get the feeling that they are out of their depth… And when the roof problem persists, you definitely know that their roof repair expertise is lacking.

3) High Expertise, Low Trust:

Have you ever dealt with a highly skilled roofer who had all the options for a roof repair but left you feeling uneasy? Like a second-hand car sales person who knew exactly what they were selling (flaws and all) and had all the answers…

Roofers in this category certainly know what they are doing. You just don’t know whose interests they have at heart.

There are even roof repairers in this category who specialise in scamming property owners. It pays to be careful if you sense that you will be taken for a ride.

4) High Expertise, High Trust:

You may have come across roofing services that combine high expertise with high trust. Roofers in this category are usually ‘old-timers’ who have honed their roof repair skills over decades and now have a track record of satisfied clients with the accompanying customer reviews.

This is however, a ‘FLEETING’ category because:

These seasoned roofers are usually at the end of their careers and will be passing their ‘businesses onto the younger generation’ – who may not be trained up to value the accumulated expertise and trust of the founders.

And the downside is that these roofers (young and old) can lack a sense of personal commitment – because the the ‘BATON’ is being passed on and the sense of RESPONSIBILITY is in limbo. When the BATON is dropped, who takes the blame? The giver or the receiver?

If you are lucky enough to get that expert roofer in the fleeting fourth category when you reach out for a good roofer to get your roof repaired, you are in the top 20% of Sydney’s property owner population. CONGRATULATIONS.

Sydney Roof Repairs -What kind of roofer?
People come in these four categories. Which type of roofer do you want repairing your roof?

Is there another category of roof repairers in Sydney who you may be fortunately enough to come across?

We believe that The Roofing Professionals Westside (and in partnership with The Roofing Portal) have something that goes beyond the fourth category of ‘High Expertise and High Trust’.

Firstly, roofers come in two shades of expertise….

Doctor roofers: These roofers have developed the technical expertise to perform procedures that seem time-tested. No lay person should cast doubt on their skill level.

Nurse roofers: It is the nurses who have the responsibility to tidy up the pieces after the procedure. They have to ‘count the sponges’ and monitor the vitals – long after the doctor has left the scene. Rather than just saving a life, they have to re-grow health. They are in for the long haul.

Most roofers aspire to be in the doctor region. And never get to see the shortfalls of their practices that the nurse roofers who follow them must put up with.

Jack at The Roofing Professionals Westside in Sydney, was not blessed with the standard professional path of high achieving roofers. He had the humble beginnings of a roof labourer – BUT was fortunate to start his roof repair career under the guidance of good teachers.

He discovered that healthy roofs (even the new ones) were in the minority. There were more leaking roofs in Sydney that had to be ‘nursed’ back to health.

Rather than BRAVADO, the need for patient questioning of ‘standard roofing practices’ was needed to make sure that the roof repairs carried out on these ‘sick’ roofs lasted the test of time.

Quick short-term fixes (that often fail) are just like drugs. What was needed in Jack’s roof repair business in Sydney was a ‘back to basics’ culture of playing The Long Game.

To go beyond… demands the combined elements of Exponential Expertise and The Long Game.

Whilst Exponential Expertise and playing the Long Game are often seen as separate concepts – when combined, they create a powerful synergy that promotes leading-edge roof repair techniques, and the focus on optimum long-term outcomes for the property owner.

The Roofing Professionals Westside is passing the BATON onto The Roofing Portal – and it intends to be around for a long time, providing trained roofers who can tap into a growing knowledge base of special solutions for special roof problems.

The Sydney Roofing Repair business: It can take a long time to be an excellent roof repair specialist.

Like all roofing businesses, The Roofing Professionals Westside started off in 1999 doing all types of roofing work. Jack slowly realised in 2005 that he was becoming really good at the Roof Repair segment of the market. And because this was the area of roofing that he really enjoyed, he ‘doubled down’ on it.

Jack launched the ‘Roofing Professionals’ website back in 2005 to help homeowners understand the complexities of their roofs and what was involved in performing roof repairs. Hardly any roofing companies had websites it those days.

Then in 2009, he posted his first roof repairs video on Youtube.

And 15 years has passed and all those roof repair videos are still getting views!

Also, it is these videos that first expose Sydneysiders to how Jack and his team at The Roofing Professionals approach getting roof leaks in Sydney repaired. Sydney Homeowners find our videos before they find our website…

So, if you are one of the minority who is reading this page and have not seen any of our roof repair videos, then click the channel picture below;

Roof Repairs Sydney videos
Jack’s YouTube videos going back to 2009
Why would you want to join our long list of Roofing Clients?

Not every property owner in Sydney will want us to repair or replace their roof. Even when Google is leading the way in search, people still use Bing and the other smaller services.

In a similar manner, we may not be a good fit for you.

But you alone, will be the judge.

Be the expert.

Find out about us.

Then try to find out more about other roofing companies who offer similar roofing services in Sydney.

After this journey, you can return here if you like what we do.

Click on the buttons below to continue your journey with us or straight to booking a roof inspection with our team.

Whatever you do, you will have made the right decision.


Jack the Roofer

Jack Yuen

Jack Yuen (Jack the Roofer) started roofing work in 1999 and have built a career in "roof repair expertise" on Sydney roofs. Jack is a leading voice on how roofs should build, maintained and repaired to provide the best outcomes for both roofers and property owners

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